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We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Easy activity


Most of you already know the timeless story of by Micheal Rosen and Helen Oxenbury – ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’

How about an easy craft to go along with the story?

For this craft/activity you do not need any complicated materials – it’s quite straightforward.


Make your very own Bear Hunt map/trail. Your trail will take you on a journey just like in the book. Walk through the long, wavy ‘swishy swashy’ grass. ‘Splash and splosh’ through the deep, cold river. Trudge through the thick, oozy mud that is so ‘Squelchy and squerchy’. ‘Stumble and trip’ as you venture into the big, dark forest. Get ready to battle through a whirling, swirling snowstorm as it goes ‘Hooo woooo’ around your ears. And, Uh-uh – time to ‘tiptoe, tiptoe’ into a narrow, gloomy cave. Who will you find in there! It couldn’t possibly be a bear could it!?

What you will need for this ‘Going On A Bear Hunt’ craft/activity…


  • Scissors, preferably with a wavy edge (to form the wavy grass and the deep river.)
  • Double-sided-sticky tape.
  • Craft glue.
  • A black marker pen.
  • Crayons – white, grey, blue, green, brown,


  • A piece of paper, preferably brown packing paper. Cut to size 27 x 20cm approx.
  • A small piece of green and blue paper/card to make the grass and the river.
  • A small piece of cardboard to make the cave.
  • A wad or ball of cotton wool.
  • A small picture of a bear. It’s best to laminate it so that it lasts longer.

Materials & tools that you will need for your Bear Hunt

  • Cut out your piece of brown paper (size 27 x 20cm approx.)
  • Using the black marker, draw your long, winding trail.
  • Write down the names of the places that you will pass – The Grass (place a strip of double-sided-sticky tape onto the paper) The River. The Mud. The Forest. The Snowstorm. The Cave. Remember to leave enough space between them!

Draw your trail, and the names. Put the sticky tape in place for the grass.

  • Cut out strips of long, wavy grass.
  • Cut out your river – place double- sided-sticky tape onto the back of it.
  • Tear the cotton wool to make several small puffs of snow.
  • Cut out your cave from the cardboard. Make a flap for the entrance to the cave if you wish. Place double-sided-sticky tape on just one side of the back of the cave.
  • Get your crayons ready


Place double-sided-sticky tape on the back of just ONE side of the cave

  • Stick the long strips of grass into place.
  • Colour the river to your liking and then stick it in place.
  • Colour your oozy mud.
  • Draw your forest.
  • Colour your snowstorm grey and white. Then glue the cotton wool over some of it to resemble snow.
  • Colour your cave. Only one side of the cave is stuck into place, so you can now slide your bear in and out on the other side.
  • Draw some scary bear footprints!

You can continue to make the other book characters if you like!


And now you have your very own ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ map/trail!

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