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All our items are hand-picked – we mainly feature articles that we think are stimulating for the needs of a growing child.
Children need a safe home and surrounding environment.

What Children Really Want…

… is also about storytelling, and getting books into the hands of children.

We do this with our storyteller – Sherry. She is busy doing storytelling events around Barcelona, where she is based.

After her storytelling – she sometimes has her bookstall set-up where quality second-hand books are sold at very affordable prices so that all children are in reach of having wonderful stories read to them.

What do kids need?…

… They need encouragement from family members, they need great role models, and they also need to have access to positive stimulation from the books that they read, and the toys that they play with, even the way their rooms are decorated can make a difference.

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We bear the whole ‘family’ in mind – we also have selected items for the home – and your pets, as well as for parents, guardians and teachers!

Our selection aids growth and makes amazing gifts for children, and the home!

We even have items for your pets as they too are part of a loving home environment 

Make sure you check back with us soon as we are constantly reviewing and adding items to our hand-picked selections of books, games, toys, and items for the home and house pets!


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