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A list of the best books for storytelling

For all those who wish to read stories to small children

“I love reading stories to young children! I have been doing it since 2012. Children thrive from storybooks – make it your duty to read to them as often as possible. Help turn them into book-worms – exploring the pages of books like magnificent wings of butterflies. Storybooks are more powerful than you could ever imagine”

Sherry – Storyteller for What Children Really Want

The main comment that I hear amongst parents, teachers and carers is “Gosh, there are so many children’s storybooks out there on the market, but which ones should I go for?”

At my story-time events, it’s so wonderful to experience the delight on the faces of the children that I’m reading the stories too. I try to pick easy digestible stories for ages 3 – 7 years approx, making sure that there is something for everyone, whether they are native English speakers or not (as most of my work is in Barcelona)

I’m happy to share a list of my favourite books that I use for my storytelling.

Maybe you know some of them? You may not know all of them, but they are worth seeking out as these are the ones I use and get a good reaction to at my story-time events.

I’ll also do a list of the storybooks that I use when I teach English to small children. I make sure I read from a fun storybook in amongst the teaching. I choose books that the kids really respond positively to, and ones that can be read several times without the risk of them getting bored with the story. I sometimes create a craft to go with the story. An attractive but easy craft that I can prep, and the children can complete it with a little bit of help if necessary. All of which you can easily do too! – I will soon be posting and doing video tutorials of the crafts that I do!

My personal lists of the best storybooks for story-time

Books that make great storytelling and are best read to a large group of children…

These are my personal top ten choices for books that I like to read to children when I am doing story-time for 8 – 20 children. Recommended for ages 2 – 3 years and up.

  • ‘Open Very Carefully – A book with bite!’ By Nicola O’Byrne and Nick Bromley.
  • ‘Beegu’. By Alexis Deacon.
  • ‘Something Beginning With Blue’. By Nick Sharrat and Sally Symes.
  • ‘Pants’. By Nick Sharratt and Giles Andreae. Can be used as a quick warm-up story
  • ‘Max The Brave’. By Ed Vere.
  • ‘Mr. Big’. By Ed Vere.
  • ‘Upsy Down Town’. By Sue Hendra.
  • ‘Animal Pants’. By Brian Moses and Anja Boretzki.
  • ‘Thank You For Looking After Our Pets’. By Tim Hopgood.
  • ‘The Ravenous Beast’. By Niamh Sharkey.

My all time favourites have got to be these 3…

  • ‘Shark In The Park’. By Nick Sharratt
  • ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. By Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.
  • ‘The Colour Monster’. By Anna Llenas.

Books that are best read to children in small groups

These are my personal top ten choices for storybooks books that I like to read to children when I am teaching 1 – 4 children. You can easily read these choices to children at home.

  • ‘So Much’. By Trish Cooke and Helen Oxrenbury.
  • ‘Peter’s Pebbles’. By Cherie Zamazing.
  • ‘Grizzly Dad’. By Joanna Harrison.
  • ‘The Tale Of Jack Frost’. By David Melling.
  • ‘The Kiss That Missed’. By David Melling.
  • ‘Billy’s Beetle’. By Mick Inkpen.
  • ‘Give That Back Jack – A Cautionary Tale’. By Phil Roxbee Cox and Jan McCafferty.
  • ‘The Day Louis Got Eatten’. By John Fardell.
  • ‘Big Mum Plum’. By Daniel Postgate.
  • ’10 Minutes Till Bedtime’. By Peggy Rathmann.

My bonus fav is this one!…

  • ‘Meet The Parents’. By Peter Bently. Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie. A great storybook for family members, or teachers, etc to read to children and remind them of how fantastic their parents are!

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How to take a step further into doing story-time…

You don’t always need an actual book for storytelling.

  • Use puppets, cut-out figures, flash-cards or adapt any other simple props that you can easily find around you (sock puppets!)
  • Memorise a story, or make up your own one. Preform it in a wonderful, expressive storytelling manner with lots of vocal changes.
  • Make your own story on sheets of A2 and laminate them! You can see the result of my hand-painted story that I like to perform during the festive season

‘In A Cold Snowy Forest’ – by Sherry

‘In A Cold, Snowy Forest’

Do you want to add to these lists? Help others by letting us know if there are any other storybooks that you find great for storytelling/story-time.

Now jump to our other post where I share some of my great tips on techniques for storytelling…

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