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Bullying -Those Words Can Hurt!


Those Words Can Hurt! – Bullying has always been around…

Bullying is unacceptable and needs to stop! –

‘Those Words Can Hurt’ is a great song that tackles the topic of Bullying – see it at the bottom of our Blog Post, by Ariana Brogden and Hayley Wheeler

We have complied a list of the top 10 best anti-bulling books for small children

Bullying can totally destroy a child. They retreat into themselves, feel isolated and afraid. Often a child who is being picked on will not tell anyone, they just sink deeper and deeper into themselves. It’s a cruel isolation that can carry over into adulthood. Those Words Can Really Hurt!

Bullying is unnecessary – it needs to be nipped in the bud, and you need to be fully aware of it and help your child in the best way possible.

Children who are being taunted and bullied do not realise that they have the power to put an instant stop to this kind of mental and physical torture. They must find the courage to stand-up to a bully!

Once they stand-up, the bully will quickly step down.

I remember that I used to tease a boy at school because my young mind thought that I was being funny. He reminded me of a lonely, geeky boy that was on a T.V programme, and a girl kept following him around saying ‘I feel sorry for you Roland’ – I thought it would be witty for me to do this to the geeky boy at school – one day he just turned around and snapped – ‘Leave me alone for goodness sake, you’re not funny! – You are so annoying – say it to me one more time and it’s you that I will feel sorry for!’ The strength in his voice, his body language and the assertiveness that he radiated was more than enough to make me take a step back and never, ever taunt this boy again!

Those Words Can Hurt

Like my once young self, most children do a kind of bullying that they are not even aware of – they think they are being witty. They do not realise the torment that they can cause to others. I am so glad that his schoolboy out me in my place! It woke me up instantly and I have never teased anyone in this way again – I was not being witty – I was being cruel.

But what if your child is not being bullied, and they are not a bully either? – Does it still concern them?

It most certainly does – Your child still has a vital role that they can play in combating bullying!

They can help to stand-up for the victims of bullying.

If your child sees another child suffering at the hands of a bully, they can do so much – even if it’s just giving comfort to the bullied child. They can offer protection, security, friendship. If they are brave enough, they can step in and tell the bully to STOP!

Full blown bullies

What Children Really Want Stop Bullying

Full blown bullies are the ones who are fully aware that they are being nasty. It is them that have an issue with themselves! They have internal problems at home, or feelings of inadequacy. They feel a desire to be in charge, dominating, powerful, seeking approval. They grow mightier from another persons fear.

This is why it is important for a child who is being bullied to not give them their fear. They must stand tall and let the bully realise that they are not going to be the bully’s victim! Don’t let those words hurt and destroy you!

The bullies must realise that the problem lies within themselves. There is no need to be cruel to another person – no-one will like you! Being someones friend is so much easier and beneficial.

There are certain behavioural skills that must be learned by people who are being bullied as well as for the bullies themselves.

Parents must be aware

Parents play a huge role in how a person who is being bullied, or a person who is doing the bullying can find a way out.

If you hear certain tales about your child, listen to them and don’t just dismiss them with phrases like – learn to be a man! – You big baby! – Wallop them one back! Ah, you’ll be fine!

Do not ignore your child’s behaviour – step-in while it’s early. Bullying can lead to serious problems that last a life-time!

All children deserve a happy and caring childhood.

Stop Bullying - Stand Up Speak Out

We have complied a selection of books that will help your child, whether they are a victim of bullying, or the bully themselves.

Check out these three books in the series by Erin Frankel on the subject of dealing with bullies in schools



Our top ten best anti-bullying books for young children

(Some of these books that are mentioned in this list are available on Amazon, but it depends on your location) 

  • ‘The Juice Box Bully’ by Bob Sornson
  • ‘The Invisible Boy’ by Trudy Ludwig and Patrice Barton
  • ‘Stick and Stone’ by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld
  • ‘One’ by Kathryn Otoshi (It also help children to learn their colours!)
  • ‘Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Bullies’ by Howard Binkow
  • ‘The Recess Queen’ by Alexis O’neill
  • ‘Freda Stops a Bully’ by Stuart J. Murphy
  • ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Kes Gray
  • ‘Red’ by Jan De Kinder
  • The Bully problem Solver’ by Virgina Rankin – This is a book that contains advice from a school counsellor – It offers strategies to students and parents on how to stop a bully.

Anti-Bullying books on Amazon

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Please be sure to watch this eye-opening video by Brooks Gibbs on ‘How to stop a bully’  – It will be a 7 min journey well worth your time!

It’s done in such a great tactical way and will surely help any child that is having problems with bullying.

Who is Brooks Gibbs? – He is a professional, award winning social skills educator:

Brooks Gibbs is an award winning social skills, author, speaker and educator. Brooks Gibbs teaches students, parents, and teachers how to build emotional resilience. Social and emotional learning is a must for any child (or grown-up) that suffers under the cruel hand of bullying.

Brooks Gibbs also has an online training program called ‘Raise Them Strong’ – It’s an online training program that empowers students to make friends and manage enemies.

Here’s a fantastic anti-bullying song by Ariana Brogden and Hayley Wheeler ‘Those Words Can Hurt’

The lyrics have depth and are a huge step in combating bullying 

What Children Really Want

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