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Storytelling courses – for outdoor learning

Chris Holland outdoor storytelling

Become a great outdoor children’s storyteller – We’d like to present you with a course that will greatly benefit your career!

There is almost no better place to do storytelling than out in nature.

Do you want to become a storyteller? These storytelling courses are for everyone…

  • Parents
  • Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents – not strictly a profession, but a crucial mentoring role!
  • Forest school leaders
  • Classroom teachers
  • Scout leaders and woodcraft folk
  • Home educating parents and families
  • Education for Sustainability programmes and NGOs
  • Childcare providers
  • Outdoor learning instructors
  • Play-workers
  • Conservation Rangers
  • Wildlife guides

Don’t worry if you do not have storytelling experience – it can be learned as long as you are willing go through the learning material and put it into enjoyable practice.

Being an outdoor storyteller has many benefits. Work when you want, and where you want.

Of course you may be naturally nervous when you first step out in front of your new audience. But practice will make you the master of this art of outdoor storytelling. You will be out in nature and feel more and more free and energised each time. Your students will have an unforgettable experience courtesy of you. Experience their faces light up as they listen to your every word, follow your every gesture and facial expression. You’ll grow in confidence. Get creative and expressive. You will be giving others joy and making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. No matter where you are located, it’s time that you stepped through the door that leads to the magical kingdom of enchanting storytelling.

Magical fairytale Doorway

Chris Holland will be your teacher.

Chris Holland outdoor storytelling

Chris Holland is a professional outdoor educator who specialises in storytelling. Chris has an environmental science and forestry school educational background.

Now Chris Holland has put together a series of outdoor storytelling courses.

Each course is aimed at providing playful outdoor learning.

There are storyboards all prepared for you to use. Mid-term plans for teachers. Tip and tricks. Learning activities and games for all ages. All the learning material that you need is provided – Chris Holland has done all the thinking for you!

You just need to be enthusiastic and ready to get down to a bit of fun learning. All courses can be learned from the comfort of your own home.

The storytelling course consists of 12 beautiful folklore tales. They can be purchased separately or all together as a bundle. There are also other separate courses such as ‘The Storyteller’s Playbook’ and nature-led stories for families.

The storytelling course choice is yours!

Make a rewarding career move and become a storyteller out in nature!

Once you have quickly gained confidence through the experience of having told the stories several times, you will be fully in control of a very rewarding job out in the fresh air.

Where can you find work as an outdoor storyteller?

If you are not yet working in a teaching environment, then consider going freelance. Become a self-employed storyteller. Advertise your outdoor storytelling services to schools and centres.

Outdoor storytelling is a part of forest school education

It’s wonderful to see that forestry schools are becoming extremely popular. These forestry schools will be needing the appropriate storytellers – you can be that person! Your audience is waiting for you. Tell all the forestry schools what you have to offer them. Let them know that you have learned from Chris Holland’s courses, a highly experienced outdoor educator and storyteller with an accomplished reputation. This beautiful form of storytelling is a much appreciated part of forest school education.

Choose a nice location along with the necessary permission to use it – the forest/woods. A leafy park. A beautiful field. Hire a rustic wooden cabin/hut. If you are already a school teacher, you could create your own enchanted space on school premises.

Connect with nature. Your audience awaits you.

By Robert Jakes – sculptor

Go straight to the official storytelling courses on Chris Holland’s official website, or you can find out more in our Blog Post using the appropriate links below…

Chris Holland’s Storefront


Courses for outdoor storytelling

If you would like to read more about the courses, and enquire about prices, please go to our Blog post that is about Chris Holland and the courses. We have outlined each course that he has to offer you on your way too becoming a terrific outdoor storyteller.

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