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SORRY – There will be NO story-time events for hire available as from January 2020 until further notice

The story-time events are in English. They are aimed at children between the ages of 3 – 7 years – but all are welcome to come and get involved as fun, actions songs are included

For children who would like to be exposed to the English language – it’s great for children who have a basic to advanced level of English. We try to mix the stories and songs to suit the different language levels and ages.

What the Story-Time event involves…

Our story-time teller is Sherry. She has actively been working with, and teaching small children in Barcelona since 2012.

Storytelling with Sherry What Children Really Want
Sherry during story-time

Story-time & Interactive Songs in Schools, Organisations, Cafés, at Events, etc

  • A reading from 2 fun storybooks.
  • Action songs full of movement, and using flashcards
  • The event lasts between 45 mins – 1 hour
  • Please send an email for further inquires

Children’s Parties / Birthdays

  • A reading from a fun storybook – (maybe your child has their own fav storybook at home that they would like me to read to them and their friends?)
  • Action songs, and games such as ‘musical statues’, and card games.
  • The birthday person will receive a special handmade piñata keepsake filled with sweets. They can choose between a little ‘donkey piñata’, or a colourful ‘handbag piñata’.
  • The event will last for about an hour, but is known to run into over time due to all the fun being had!
  • PRICE: 55 euros, payable on the day of the event

If you would like to hire Sherry for an event, you can email her or contact her on Facebook by clicking on the FB icon below…

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