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Storytelling: Shark In The Park by Nick Sharratt

Shark-in the-Park-Storytelling-with-Sherry

Shark In the Park

Children love storytelling – they are utterly mesmerised by books.

Their little eyes widen as they hang on every word that they are attentively listening to. A fun story book is what children really want!

My name is Sherry, and I love reading stories to little children.

Shark in the Park, by Nick Sharratt. It’s such a fun story, and kids just can’t get enough of it!

Shark in the Park is honestly one of my favourite books for kids!

I did have my storytelling video here and on Youtube, but I had to remove it due to the author not wishing me to have it on the internet – sorry about that! – I’ve had to remove all my Nick Sharratt storytelling videos

BUT good news! – My version of ‘Shark In The Park’ is featured on another channel! So you can view it below!!!


I love the way ‘Shark In The Park’ builds suspense, and the build-up continues as the children believe that they are really seeing a shark’s fin, I mean, what else could it be?… Find out!

I’ve read this storybook over and over to the same children in my classroom during my time as an English teacher in  Spanish nurseries – and during my live storytelling events –  every single time the children have sat gazing at the page intensely, bursting with excitement, and laughing their heads-off – they never, ever got tired of hearing this fun story over and over again.

‘Shark In The Park’ really is a book that you need to have! I’m so glad that I came across it – I need to share it’s wonderful existence with you all.

Shark In The Park also comes in various versions!:


  • Shark In The Park
  • Shark In the Dark – (Glow in the Dark Version)
  • Shark in the Park on a Windy Day!
  • Shark In The Park – (Jamboree Storytime Level A version. The prices vary as these Shark in the Park versions come in different sizes and some are activity books with stickers)

I will be bringing you many other wonderful, fun stories that spark excitement and imagination. There are so many fun story books out there! Tell me you children’s favourite ones in the comments!

Shark in the Park read by Sherry
Shark in the Park – written by Nick Sharratt

‘Shark in the Park’ – I’m sure you and your kids will love this book as much as I do!

Get Shark in the Park, Shark in the Dark, Shark in the Park on a Windy Day, by Nick Sharratt

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