The top tablet cases: kid-proof

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Colourful Speck iGuy iPad cases

Our top 10 kid-proof tablet cases

Lets face it – kids are growing-up surrounded by a different kind of technology to what we were exposed to.

More and more parents are coming to terms with the fact that their child will more than likely be using a tablet.

Tablet case for children

If this is the case for you, then it’s best for you as a parent or guardian to invest in not only a good tablet or iPad, but also a durable case that is certain to provide extra protection from knocks, bumps, falls and other kinds of destruction that a child can conjure up in the blink of an eye!

We have hand-picked a top selection of child-proof cases to keep tablets and iPads snug and safely protected.

Things to look out for when selecting a child-friendly, shock-proof tablet case…

  • The material it’s made from and the texture design – shock-proof, robust, easy to clean with a damp cloth – EVA foam, neoprene, silicone
  • Thick padding, thick corners
  • Does it have a handle, something like a grip that is large enough to grasp on to?
  • Can it stand-up on it’s own to enable easy media viewing? – some have sturdy legs and others may have a stand
  • Deep bezel/edges – so if it falls face downward, the screen won’t be the first thing that encounters the table or floor
  • Would your child prefer to have an eye-catching colour and shape – or just a plain but good protective case? Small children are attracted towards eye-pleasing shapes. Bright colours are nearly always a big hit when selecting a protective tablet cover for a child – Most tablet cases are available in various colour options
  • Be sure to look for the right brand (Samsung, iPad etc) and the size of the case!
Cooper Trooper tablet case for kids
Some cases come with a nifty carrying strap like the ones from Cooper Trooper

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