The Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

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Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

The Goodbye Book

Losing someone is hard. ‘The Goodbye Book’ by the wonderful children’s author and illustrator Todd Parr, is just the book that is needed to soften the anguish of a child losing someone close to them.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is tough for teenagers and grown-ups. A young child copes with grief in a different way. They more than likely cannot fully understand what has happened.

Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

Grief is a confusing thing to come to terms with at a young age. There are many questions that a child will start asking, they may even react by appearing withdrawn, and quiet, or the opposite, angry and aggressive – all because they do not know what exactly is going on and are not able to understand and direct their  feelings and developing emotions correctly.

The Goodbye Book by Todd Parr will quickly come to the rescue of a young child who has undergone bereavement

It does it in such a loving and caring way. It’s very subtle and easy to digest. The bold Todd Parr signature pictures and soothing sentences make it a loving and enjoyable book. The story does not even mention the word ‘death’. The main character in the story is a little red fish. He/she is experiencing the ‘loss’ of the little green fish that he/she used to share the goldfish bowl with. So, this could also be adapted to mean a friend who has moved away, or even a pet that has passed away.

“It’s hard to say goodbye to some” is the very first line in the book “You may not know what o feel”

Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

‘The Goodbye Book’ goes on to tackle the emotions and different reactions that a child may have – they could feel sad, confused, or mad. They might want to hide, feel that nothing is fun anymore. They may not eat or sleep well. It goes on to reassure a child that eventually they will start to feel better, remembering the times that they laughed (the red fish is shown laughing at the green fish wearing his underpants on his head – which Todd Parr uses as a signature mark in many of his fantastic books) This book tells the child that for sure they will have days when they feel up and days when they will feel down, they may want talk to someone, or draw a picture to express themselves better. It kindly tells children to remember that there will always be someone there to love them and hold them tight.

We all get sad when we say goodbye to someone we love. Always try to remember all the happy times you shared together.Todd Parr

Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

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