The Brother Book, The Sister Book, by Todd Parr

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The Brother Book and The Sister Book by Todd Parr

The Brother Book and The Sister Book by Todd Parr

Todd Parr books are amazing, such beautiful messages that kids need to be digesting, especially in the World of today.

Todd says that after doing ‘The Mommy Book’, ‘The Daddy Book’, ‘The Grandma Book’ and ‘The Grandpa Book’, it made perfect sense to do ‘The Brother Book’ and ‘The sister Book’.

Todd’s personal favourite pages in ‘The Brother Book’ are…

‘Some brothers study bugs’ – We see a boy on the grass studying a blue, red and yellow bug under a magnifying glass … ‘Some brothers eat bugs’ – We see a green, freckled-faced boy attempting to eat the blue, red and yellow bug – (And, I must say, yes boys really do this! – I clearly remember the little boy from next door swallowing slugs!)

Todd’s favourite pages in ‘The Sister Book’ are…

‘Some sisters like to be dressy’ – We see a smiling girl with short black hair, wearing a tuxedo and bow tie… ‘Some sisters like to be messy’ – We are shown a girl with big, cone shaped pony-tails standing in mud with a very happy piggy, both with splashes of mud on them.

Each book comes with a heart shaped ‘To’ and ‘From’ page at the front, so you can dedicate these books to the recipient. There is also a page where you can paste a photo of a brother or sister.

Frame - put a picture of your brother here
There is a page to paste in a lovely photo of a sibling!

These are great books that are suitable for young children, teens, and even adults!

No matter their age, give your sibling a totally unique gift that they will enjoy and cherish.

You can tell that every book by Todd Parr has genuinely been written from the heart. I personally love the way the characters have little quirks, like always wearing odd coloured shoes – well, why not!

Make sure you have ‘The Brother Book’ and ‘The Sister Book’ in your homes, or on their way to a sibling soon!

Todd Parr has illustrated and written many books during his 20 year career. We hand-pick his very best ones and feature them in our shop – We find them ALL brilliant! Have fun browsing.

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