Spirograph Spiral Design Set

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Spirograph playset and design setSpirograph – the Spiral Design Set 

Unleash your artistic creativity!

What is Spirograph?

Quite a few of you may remember this design set from childhood, right?

Spirograph is a retro drawing toy that can produce brilliant mathematical curves.

It first came to light in the 60’s where it was developed by a British engineer called Denys Fisher and was released on the market in 1965.

Although Spirograph was born in the 60’s, it’s still alive and kicking! – It’s an artistic, timeless drawing toy that is gaining popularity once more, and an ever increasing ‘comeback’ is making it more and more in demand.

Geometric Deluxe Spirograph playset
Spirograph Deluxe design set


See the lovely video below to view Spirograph in graceful action!

A set comes with different sized plastic rings known as ‘gears’. The gears have ‘teeth’ on the inside and on the outside.  You place the nib of a fine pen such as a ‘Stabilo’ fine fiber tip pen, into the small hole in the gear, and then with the gear placed within a larger circle, the magic happens as you skillfully master the art of moving your hand in rotating movements. Some practice is needed, but if the interest is there, you or your child will be making impressive, geometric wonders of art in no time!

There is a wide range of new style Spirograph design sets on the market.

Spirograph sets are mostly gender-neutral

A boy with a Spirograph set by Kahootz

A girl with a Spirograph set by Kahootz

My Little Pony Spirograph playset
My Little Pony Spirograph playset by Kahootz

What are the best pens to use for Spirograph designs?

  • Fine-tip stabilo pens (88 fine 0.4mm line width) – You can get them in a pack of 25
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens are great! Get the 0.3mm fine tip size – You can get them in a pack of 20

It’s okay for the pen to move around in the wheel hole. Any pen will move around in the hole.

Let your child know that they probably won’t become an impressive Spirograph artist over night. It takes some patience and lots of practice. Make sure your child is the patient, artistic type, who doesn’t throw in the towel easily. They will learn more about creativity and perseverance by having a magnificent Spirograph set in their procession – you too can join in with them and spend some quality time creating some geometric masterpieces.

See Spirograph in action!…


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