Smart Watches for kids

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Smart Watches for kids

Smart Watches for kids

We have done some research and chosen the top smartwatches for children

It’s a reality that technology is becoming more and more fast-paced.

We can easily do without and limit the use of most gadgets. Children should not constantly be exposed to all the high-tech that is being thrown at them. Keep it simple and just choose gadgets that help to improve your child’s well-being. Mode / setting symbols for smart watches for kids

So why a smartwatch? 

Smartwatches are needed by parents who want to be able to locate their children’s whereabouts.

Kids wander-off on their own. Kids forget to tell people where they are going.

Parents can keep in good contact with their child when their smartwatch has a calling device on it or can receive text messages.

Smartwatches are useful for children who are also getting independent and want to just know the time of day by themselves. They can play a few games on their watch and have fun – but try and keep track of the time they spend on these games.

Parents will get piece of mind knowing that they can safely monitor the whereabouts of their child.

Depending on which smartwatch you choose, they can come with:

  • Satellite gps trackers.
  • Can record the location history of your child and alert you if they leave a programmed safety zone.
  • Alarm clocks.
  • Wifi.
  • Can be connected to iPhones and Android phones.

Smart watches for kids

Remember to also look for the appropriate cases, chargers and other accessories


The very best SmartWatches for kids…

  • WATCHU Smartphone with GPS tracker –

    Best for: Children aged 4 – 9 years. (The Watchu is not available in all locations, so you may be re-directed to an alternative smatchwatch with a GPS tracker)


  • VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus –

Best for: Children aged 5 to 9 years.


  • Kurio Watch –

Best for: Kids aged 3 to 10 years old wanting games and apps with an entertainment centre.


The best SmartWatches for kids…



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