Rosso Motors – ATV’s for kids

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Rosso Motors – All Terrain Vehicles for kids

Time to get out into open space! – Electric ATV’s for kids.

Rosso Motors is a Canadian company that manufactures quality electric ATV’s for children.

Go out and have fun!

Escape to an open space with the kids and safely zoom up and down on a quad!

Are your children adrenaline freaks, probably just like you? Are you able to get to a nice, open area with the kids? If so, then treat them to a gift of a lifetime – their very own top-notch electric quad or motorcycle. These mini-sized vehicles allow your children to feel like they are whizzing about on the real thing just like any other adrenaline fuelled adult.

All terrain vehicle for kids

Quad bikes with real ATV components.

They are not called all-terrain Vehicles for nothing! – They are made to tackle any rough terrain. Real rubber 10 inch tyres that grip well. Shock suspension. Great traction and stability.

The bikes reach top speeds of 13 mph. They use 500w/800w 36V batteries. Battery life is a good 2 hours from a single charge. Strong headlights for certain weather conditions and darkness.

Rosso Motors is a Canadian company that was established in 2016. They offer free shipping to The U.S.A and within Canada.

The ATV’s come 95% pre-assembled. If you already have a quad motor bike and need help with the assembly, or you just need spare parts, please scroll down to see the top F.A.Q’s (If you happen to live in Vancouver, pick-up and assembly is available at the Rosso Warehouse)

Electric vehicles reach speeds of up to 13 mph. Make sure your child wears the necessary safety gear

Kids on quad vehicle

Go out and build great outdoor memories 

The 4 wheel electric Rosso Motor eQuad. Makes the perfect gift.

The Rosso Motors range consists of…


  • eQUAD S Blue – Electric sporting fun.
  • eQUAD S Pink – Electric sporting fun.
  • eQUAD X Inferno Red. 800W utility ATV 4 wheeler – Powerful rugged explorer.
  • eQUAD X Camo – Powerful rugged explorer.
  • eQUAD X Blue – Powerful rugged explorer.
  • eQUAD Q Camo – Powerful rugged explorer.

Click on the individual images below to be taken to the Rosso Motos website where you can see current prices and all detailed descriptions of your chosen electric ATV Rosso Motors eQuad S Blue

Rosso Motors eQuad X Inferno Utility redRosso Motors eQuad green X CamoRosso Motors eQuad X blue rugged explorerRosso Motors eQuad Q rugged explorer

  • F1 eRacer Red/Black – Electric pocket bike.
  • F1 eRacer Urban Camo – Electric pocket bike.
  • BMW Proctector – Electric police motorcycle.

Rosso Motors F1 eRacer Red Black electric Pocket bike

Rosso Motors F1 eRacer Urban Camo electric pocket bike

Rosso Motors BMW Electric Police bike


  • Cobra blue – electric scooter.
  • Cobra green – electric scooter.

Rosso Motors Cobra blue kids electric scooterRosso Motors Cobra green kids electric scooter


  • eBike S Blue
  • eBike S Green

Rosso Motors Ebike S blueRosso Motors Ebike S green 



  • ATV kid’s protector crash helmet – For off road motocross – D.O.T approved.

Rosso Motors kids safety helmets

The top frequently asked questions are…

I’m having issues with assembly – how do I assemble my Rosso Motor ATV?

These great all-terrain vehicles come 95% pre-assembled, and with illustrated instruction manuals. If you still experience assembly issues, you can checkout the assembly video for the eQuad Rosso motors 500W ATV 4 Wheeler.  

 My bike is not to my satisfaction. What can be done?

Rosso Motors maintain an excellent rating for their fast and friendly customer service. They dedicate themselves to customer support. There is a 30 day hassle free money back guarantee.

I need spare parts for my Rosso Motors ATV – where can I get them from?

Spare parts can be ordered from the Rosso Motors website: Rosso Motors spare components.

I don’t live in The U.S.A or Canada – is it still free shipping?

No, Rosso Motors only do free shipping to The U.S.A and Canada. If you are at another location, then you will need to pay the according shipping costs.

View all items that are currently available on…


Rosso Motors ATV collection range


If you prefer to buy your child an electric car or bike from Amazonthen this is for you… 




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