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Motivational Stickers for kids

Give kids some recognition with these great ‘Reward/Motivational’ stickers!

Do you believe in giving reward stickers to children?

When children put effort into something, then it’s nice to sometimes give them a small reward, or something to motivate them to always put effort into that task.

Teachers, parents and guardians often like to give their pupils /children reward stickers.

Children should not be rewarded too often. It can lead to them only doing a task in order to receive something. They may think that they are cleverer than the others and mock children who don’t do as well as them.

It’s nice to give all kids a little something for trying though. Tell them they are getting  reward or motivational stickers for their ‘effort’. Encourage them to always put ‘effort’ into their tasks.

Motivational stamps for kids teachers
Motivational stamps

Do not reward children by telling them it’s because they are ‘clever’

…Of course they are clever, but that is not why they get rewarded! They are getting something for the work that they have put into it. That way they will learn a beneficial skill that will help them for life. You are clever because you always put effort into it!  The skill is to stay focused on learning. Keep putting in the effort!

Lookout for motivational stamps. Chores and reward charts too!


Star reward chart

Chores reward chart

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