BRUDER Construction Vehicles

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Construction Vehicles

By ‘BRUDER Toys’

These trucks, cranes, diggers are totally realistic. Just like the real thing but scaled down versions.

Play with these fabulous construction vehicles outside on the path or in the sand. Or at home on the tiled flooring or carpet.

Children will happily be entertained in creative play. Parents normally find themselves joining in on the fun too! Get yourself involved in quality time the fun way.

bruder-construction-toys cement mixer

Your child will be able to explore and build their own super realistic construction sites.

About BRUDER toys:

How it all started…

The brand BRUDER is a leading innovator when it comes to the development and manufacturing of outstanding toys that process functionality.
Bruder construction toys began in 1926. Paul Bruder was a jobless German from the northern Bavarian city of Fürth (Nürnberg) He started building his toy vehicles alone with the help of a small hand-press. The second world war put a swift end to his production. But he was determined. He continued production in 1948. And by 1950, Paul Bruder’s own son named Heinz Bruder had completed his studies as a professional toolmaker and he began working with his father. In 1987 Heinz’s son, Paul Heinz Bruder joined the family business as the man in charge of production and production development.

Today, the company Bruder leads the way as one of the top toy manufacturers in Europe.
The main offices and factory are still based in Fürth, Germany where more than 98% of production is churned out to enjoy international success.
Bruder construction vehicles are available in over 70 different counties worldwide. They are a brand that is known for high quality and durability. Some of the plastics that they use are ones that are also used in the car industry. Testing happens in-house and also by independent testing institutes. Bruder’s expertise in plastic technology allows them to use their resources in an manner that is aware of sustainability. Still a family owned business, they state that they are well aware of their environmental and social responsibilities.
They claim to have in-house recycling and an energy saving production process. Spare parts can be ordered for repairs so that a whole toy does not need to be thrown away. Bruder takes used/scrap plastic and pours it back into the manufacturing of their goods. This of course saves on resources and the impact on the environment.

See ‘BRUDER TOYS’ in action



Just need spare parts? Scroll down to find out where you can get spare Bruder construction parts from…

Bruder Toys took home its second consecutive SEED Award which aims to encourage and inspire environmental awareness and creative methods to prevent pollution.

Their philosophy is to picture a playing child at the centre of every product that they produce. They want children to build experiences based on what they see in the working adult world around them.
The ratio of construction vehicles is 1:16 – this allows children to easily slip into role play, playing with an exact replica of the vehicles that they have seen on a real construction site. The vehicles are functional, especially the ones from the ‘pro-series’. Some are remote controlled. All products are made to achieve easy and fun interaction. Technical recognition is built upon each time your child plays with these stimulating construction toys.

The brand Bruder also has a whole range of realistic construction accessories such as wheelbarrows, street cones, road signs and barriers, etc.

Make sure you look for the construction workers as well. These construction accessories really give your child’s imaginative play that final realistic touch.

Bruder construction worker figures
Construction workers and accessories, by ‘BRUDER’

Creative, engineering play no longer needs to have it’s gender barriers up.

Most of these construction toys are aimed at ages +4. Depending on the brand, most are made from non-toxic premium ABS plastic. Construction toys are not just for boys. Girls will easily enjoy them just as much.

‘BRUDER’ – construction toys:

  • Bruder 2191 Schaffer Compact loader
  • Bruder 02427 JCB midi backhoe loader
  • Bruder 03051 John Deere front-loader
  • Bruder 267 F Claas Nectis  
  • Bruder JLG 02140 (2505) Telehandler
  • Bruder 02424 Cat Bulldozer
  • Bruder HR 16  Schaffer Shovel-car mini excavator 
  • Bruder 02449 mini dumper
  • Bruder 62002 JCB micro excavator
  • Bruder 02434 Caterpillar Asphalt Drum Compactor
  • Bruder 3570 Liebherr crane
  • Bruder Caterpillar track-type tractor
  • Bruder 02750 Assistant truck
  • Bruder 02818 Mack Granite crane
  • Bruder 60020 construction figure
  • Bruder 62000 construction worker accessories
  • Bruder 03053 John Deere tractor
  • Bruder Scania R-series timber truck
  • Bruder Scania R-series garbage truck
  • Bruder 03710 cement mixer truck

Specifications to look out for depending on which remote control vehicle you choose:

  • SIZE of the vehicle, to avoid disappointment
  • Built-in USB re-chargable battery. It will need to be fully charged before use. This can take between 3 – 8 hours
  • 1 or 2 AA batteries may need to be purchased for the controller
  • Control range of 80 – 100 feet approx. (25 – 30 meters)
  • Look out for the running times, as some run for 15 – 25 mins before needing a recharge.

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Where can I get official Bruder spare construction parts from?…

USA: Bruder spare parts service

Europe: Bruder spare parts service



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