Organic infusions for kids

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MiniMarieTea Organic herbal tea for kids

MiniMarieTea Organic infusions for kids

Mini Marie Tea are a caring company based in Belgium that makes organic infusions for kids.

These bags are fully decomposable. They do not contain plastic like almost all other teabags!

MiniMarieTea bags are made from GMO-free corn

They’re 100% natural and compostable – no bleach, no plastic, no staples, no glue.

This is a company that really cares for children’s health – and the environment – this is why they are committed to replacing all conventional plastic in their packaging with biodegradable material.

The teabags are larger too! – In fact, they are extra large. MiniMarieTea bags contain more herbs than any other brand that you will find.

With just one teabag, you can easily get two satisfying cups of tea, or fill a 1/2 litre bottle

At the moment MiniMarieTea can only be purchased in selected stores, and on Amazon in limited countries.

The infusions are made with with 100% natural ingredients, no colourings and no artificial flavours!

MiniMarieTea Marie Red

So, what exactly is in this delicious MiniMarieTea?…

You’ll find 12 bags in each box – buy a set of 4 boxes.

Just Organic whole leaf herbs, fruits & flowers. Not even artificial aromas are added.

Ideal for cold brewing. Available in 4 fresh flavours

  • Marie Red: Rose hip (with lemon grass, hibiscus) Primary ingredients from Chile.
  • Marie Brown: Rooibos (with cinnamon) – Primary ingredients from South Africa.
  • Marie Blue: Chamomile (with lemon verbena, mallow) – Primary ingredients from Croatia.
  • Marie Green: Mint (with spearmint, pepper mint) – Primary ingredients from Egypt.

MiniMarieTea Organic herbal tea for kids

And you can of course choose to add an extra splash of goodness by dropping in a slice of orange, lemon, fresh mint leaves, a cinnamon stick or even fresh cranberries. Yummmmm

No theine. No Caffeine. No added sugars. No added flavorsMiniMarieTea

100% organic and safe for kids and certified organic under EU legislation

For further information you can email the kind founder of MiniMarieTea:


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If you can’t get MiniMarieTea in your location, try and find a similar alternative!

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