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Orchard Toys – Educational games and puzzles

Orchard Toys bold motto is ‘Learning Made Fun’ – and this is more than true!

I have been teaching children English as a second language for more than 8 years. Among my teaching material I have some of the games from Orchard Toys, and the children take to them like bees to honey!

In no time at all my little Spanish students are immersed in educational play and learning English at top speed. My personal favourite games that we play are ‘Shopping List’, ‘Tell the Time’, and ‘Where’s My Home?’

Not only are the games from Orchard Toys appropriate for children who are learning English, they are also so much fun for children who already speak English.

Limit the use of your child using a tablet / IPad, mobile device and watching too much television. Let them get back to communicating. They should play social games that build diverse skills. 

There is a vast assortment of games – there is something for every child aged 18 months to about 9 – 10 years old. The Orchard Toys games categories are:

  • Learning skills – colours, literacy & language, matching & memory, numbers & counting, shapes, telling the time
  • Subjects – Animals, Dinosaurs, Baking & Food, Fairytales, On the farm, Pirates, Space, Vehicles & Transport
  • Types of games – Board games, family games, learning games, First learning games, travel games, and French games.

Orchard Toys have been in business for over 40 years. They are a UK company based in Norfolk. Orchard Toys ship to over 50 different counties around the globe. Understandably they are the leading manufacturer of educational games and puzzles. Many teachers have Orchard Toys games in their classrooms, and many parents have them at home being frequently played with.

Such educational, attractive, diverse, colourful games

Orchard Toys pride themselves on the educational benefits that their games and jigsaws offer. These games are not only made to look lovely, but they are made to last. The quality and durability is excellent!

  • Language – communication, interaction, discussion
  • Literacy – learn about sounds, letters and words
  • Numbers and counting – mathematical understanding
  • Colour recognition – matching and sorting = organising and categorising
  • Matching and memory – recognise similarities and differences. Characteristics, sequences.
  • Understanding the world – shopping, playing, cooking, animals
  • Hand and eye coordination – through puzzle games
  • Develop personal and social skills – taking turns, sharing, communicating, teamwork, learning rules of games
  • Imaginative play – role play, social skills
If you need instructions or/and spare pieces from Orchard Toys, the info is further down

Children will not be able to resist playing these games and having hours of pure, innocent fun. There is a vast variety of Orchard Toys games and jigsaw puzzles. What do you think about their names? Do you think they’ll spark your child’s imagination?…

Crazy Chefs, Pizza Pizza, Giant Road, Lunchbox, Pirate Ship, Where’s My Cupcake?, Dotty Dinosaurs, Big Wheels, Spotty Dogs, Giant Town, Sound Detective, Rocket Game, Match & Spell, Red Dog – Blue Dog, Farmyard Heads & Tails, Who’s In Space?, Slug In A Jug, Tummy Ache, Counting Mountain, Post Box Game, Ladybirds, Pop To The Shops, Money Match Café, Three Little Pigs, Party – Party – Party!, Little Bug Bingo, Crocodile Snap, Rescue Squad, Magic Maths, Big Aeroplane, Giant Railway, Cheeky Monkeys, Jungle, Monster Bingo, Follow That Car!, Counting Caterpillars, Jungle Snakes and Ladders, Superhero Lotto, Dolls House, World Map, Big Fire Engine, Pets, Pigs In Pants, Build A Beetle, Little Bus, Llamas In Pyjamas, Insey Winsey Spider, Catch and Count, Big Red Bus, Penguin Pairs, Dinoland, What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?, Woodland Party, Pick & Mix People, What A Performance!, One Dog – Ten Frogs, Mummy & Baby, Quack – Quack, Rockets & Comets… and Smelly Wellies, and more!


Leave a comment if there are some new Orchard Toys games and puzzles that we don’t know about. Tell us about your child’s playing experience too!


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Instructions and spare pieces from Orchard Toys

If you have purchased a game from Orchard Toys and you no longer have the instructions, not to worry. Just contact Orchard Toys and they can provide you with Orchard Toys game instructions. 

If you are missing a piece to your new game, you can contact Orchard Toys and let them know. They’ll be happy to try and help you. If you’ve lost a game piece, they even offer free re-placement pieces for Orchard Toys games!


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