Lilliputiens – soft toys made in Belgium

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Lilliputiens Louise, Musical night lightLilliputiens – soft toys made in Belgium

Lilliputiens really know what children really want!

They have been creating beautiful, big quality toys and accessories for children since 1995.

It’s a company that was founded by two friends. Lilliputiens have gone on to have a huge success among families that are looking for products that are full of  colours, beautiful materials, offer activities and stimulate creativity.

Their products can be found in selected stores throughout certain countries. But you can just click over to Amazon and browse thought there selections for an easy spot of online shopping.

We actually tested the cuddly, music soft toy called ‘Louise’ who comes as a wonderful musical night light. The music that she plays is so soothing, and she is also awesome to look at and snuggly up to!

Lilliputiens musical night light Louise
Lilliputiens musical night light ‘Louise’


Louise from Lilliputiens

(Louise is currently not available in the USA)

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Join Louise for her little tea party – such fabulous accessories! 



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