Lego Boost Creative Robot

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Fun Robot Building Set by Lego

This Boost Creative Toolbox is 5 models in one!

Lego boost robot toy

This is a fantastic educational STEM toy. Your child will quickly learn coding the fun way!

See your children start programming from an early age!  They can even play around to add sound, movement and personality to these five terrific Lego models. Along with the app you will see all the brilliant, creative things that you can make each model do!

The five models that can be created are…

  • Vernie The Robot
  • Auto Builder
  • Guitar 4000
  • Frankie The Cat
  • MIR 4


What does ‘STEM’ TOYS mean?


  • Science
  • Technology
  • Enginering
  • Math

These 4 core disciplines are easily and quickly leaned through play – provided that you have the right toys, such as this creative robot by Lego.

Get your kids inspired through play!


Build – Code – Play


Here’s a very informative youtube video by ‘BrickVault’ – They give you an in depth review of all 5 models!

Now have a browse of this wonderful BOOST CREATIVE TOOLBOX ROBOT 17101


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Watch your kids have fun as they learn!


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