Kinetic Sand

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Bye bye Plasticine and Play-Doh: Hello Kinetic Sand!

No more finding  annoying bits of Plasticine or PlayDoh around the home or embedded on the soles of shoes. This kinetic sand is MESS-FREE!

Time to make friends with magic moving Kinetic Sand! Easy to mould and clean-up – and sooooo much fun to play with!



The best thing that parents like about mouldable Kinetic Sand is that it sticks to itself so it’s convenient to clean up fast! Yipppeeeee.

It’s a fun and creative sensory toy that has a calming effect on children. This mesmerising sand mimics the properties of wet sand, only it’s not wet. Playing around with it is oh so fascinating. The way it moves is truly satisfying.

It can easily be moulded and shaped into almost any form.

Blue kinetic sand in action

No more having Plasticine or Play-Doh stuck on the soles of shoes!

A big bonus point is that it’s hard for Kinetic Sand to dry out – in fact, we haven’t heard of a case of Kinetic Sand ever drying out.

It is non-toxic and has been tested for all the required safety standards. The precise ingredients that Kinetic Sand consists of are a bit hard for parents to discover for 100% – It’s like trying to find out the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken! But we do know that the ingredients that are listed for Kinetic Sand are claimed to be 98% sand and 2% polydimethylsiloxane, a silicon-based organic polymer (which is the main ingredient in silly putty)

So easy to keep contained

You can buy extra kinetic sand boxes in an assortment of colours. Invite other children to join in at the table.

Kids playing with Kinetic - magic-sand in trays

There are lots of Kinetic Sand kits, sets, accessories and moulds. You can get popular castles, palaces and towers, ice-cream parlour treats, ice-cream trucks, bakery boutiques, a beach day fun set. Did you know that National Geographic also do Ultimate Play Sand sets?! (Available on Amazon depending on your location)

We honestly think your will enjoy having these Kinetic Sand sets in your home. There is so much variety. Different kinetic sand kits, and a nice variety of themed moulds to choose from. Animals. Sea creatures. Shells. Castle structures. Various geometric shapes.

Go find the ones that you think your child will enjoy:

  • Castles and palaces

  • Dinosaurs

  • Sparking sand from National Geographic

  • Rock Crusher toy kit and other construction vehicles with sand

  • Shimmering black onyx sand

  • Bakery Patisserie set


*Kinetic Sand is a brand – it’s a registered trademark – see the other brands/trademarks listed further down

Here’s a great Youtube video by ‘MonsterKids’ where you can see exactly how this sand looks and what can easily be done with it!…

What is Magic Sand? 

Magic Sand repels water. It remains granular and drains through your fingers just like beach sand does. But when you place it under water, watch what happens!…

Magic sand under waterIt instantly starts to form and it stays completely dry.

Magic Sand will hold it’s shape so that you can pour it into the water and watch it form coral type structures. Your children will happily make underwater castles and other creative creations! Then when they’re done, you just lift out the sand and it will be dry and ready to store for next time.

Magic Sand acts this way because it is coated with trimethylhydroxysilane. This coating makes the sand totally water-repellent.

There are many recipes on the internet to show you how to make your own underwater magic sand – why not give it a try!

DIY Aqua Magic Sand by Karina Garcia

Kinetic Sand has been manufactured to contain more sticking properties than Magic Sand – making Kinetic Sand much easier to stick to itself and clean up.

Whichever sand you choose, just know that all these sands are big hits with parents!

‘More fun, less mess’

There are many bright colours of Kinetic Sand available, including some with shimmer, glitter and a metallic look for both boys and girls


Do you think that the days of Plasticine and Play-Doh are over? 

I grew up with Plasticine and Play-Doh – we go back years, it will be sad if they really do disappear into the box of yesterday-year

*Other brands of sand that do more or less the same thing as Kinetic Sand and Magic Sand:


  • Squishy

  • Sands Alive

  • Cra-Z-Sand

  • Brookstone Sand

  • Moon Sand

You may want to know the differences between all of these wonderful sands before you venture and buy some on Amazon?

You can see this really informative sand comparison video by ‘Lucky Penny Shop’…

Playing time is just over 32 minutes long

Come get a feel!

Kinetic sand & accessories for kids on Amazon…


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Kinetic Sand & accessories – Amazon US


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