If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

What is wrong in giving a cookie to a hungry looking mouse? It can lead to a whole series of adventures – and it will!

Enjoy a wonderful series of events that follow when a little boy gives a sweet looking mouse a chocolate chip cookie.

First published in America in 1985 by Laura Joffe Numeroff, this book still continues to be a classic.

A sweet looking mouse in dungarees gets very busy indeed. The mouse has a boy fetching one item after the other, until he collapses, totally exhausted into a chair, and then on the floor. Findout what the mouse then has the cheek to ask for right at the end of the story!

This story is a great must read if you don’t already process it!

Did you also know that there is a whole series of ‘If You Give…?’ Check out the other fun titles when you scroll right down.

If you give a mouse a cookie inside pages


There are many crafts and activities that can be created from this cute story. I myself used ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’ in one of my ‘story-time events. I decided on this fun, easy craft to do with the children after I’d finished reading the story…

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie – Easy craft idea.

(If you do this craft with many children as an activity for pre-schoolers, then you will need to prep it well)

  • You just need a paper plate – if it’s not already a brown one, then the plate can be painted or coloured with crayons.
  • Cut out the ear shapes from sheets of brown card. Put doubled sided sticky tape on the ears so that they stick to the back of the plate.
  • Draw on the face. The children can colour in the nose and colour part of the ears pink.
  • Cut-out a mouth in the mouse’s face so he can be feed the cookies.
  • I cut out brown, card circles to the according cookie sizes to fit in his mouth, and coloured them to make them look more like chocolate chip cookies.

The children will enjoy hearing the story and then being able to feed the mouse lots of his own cookies.


Optional: Get creative and craft your own straw and/or glass of milk for the mouse!

If you give a mouse a cookie story craft idea

Did you know the you can buy most of the ‘If You Give A…’ series in one beautiful treasury book!?

Mouse, Cookies And More… A Treasury Book

‘Mouse, Cookies & More’ is a 30th anniversary edition treasury.

Written by the author Laura Numeroff and illustrated by the writer and artist Felicia Bond.

Not only does this bumper book of 224 pages contain all the ‘If You Give…’ stories, it also contains recipes, songs and activities!  This ‘If You Give…’ treasury book is aimed at children from 4 – 8 years old.

The main features that you will find in ‘Mouse, Cookies & More’ are:

  • Four complete storybooks
  • Nine tasty recipes
  • Sheet music for 8 jazzy songs
  • Nine fun activities for your family to share
  • A C.D with 8 songs and celebrity readings

So, what are the four stories featured in ‘Mouse, Cookies & More, a Treasury…’?

  • If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
  • If You Give A Pig A Pancake
  • If You Give A Moose A Muffin
  • If You Take A Mouse To School

BUY ‘Mouse, Cookies & More…’ A Treasury book, with C.D

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