Mega soaring foam glider/planes

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Mega hand-throwing, flying glider/plane

Remember those small, thin and flimsy polystyrene hand-throwing planes we had as children? Well forget about them!…

This is the big, foam hand-throwing glider/plane that you’ll want your kids to play with!

I have personally played with these glider/planes, and they really are awesome. They easily soar through the air, and produce astounding manoeuvres that made me look like a plane throwing pro!

The 3 children that I was caring for had one each, so we headed down to the beach and played for hours and hours – and hours – five hours non-stop to be exact.

Testing a foam glider on the beach
On the beach having fun with our gliders


These gliders are quite big (48cm in width and length – but sizes may vary by a few centimetres depending on the manufacturer so please check) They can easily reach a long, smooth distance.

I was amazed at how the kids made the foam planes (or gliders) do loop-the-loops – sometimes three swift consecutive ones. They climbed to the top of a huge climbing frame and launched the foam plane from way up there – and my goodness did that thing fly, soar and do stunts as if by magic. All the other kids on the beach were hypnotised by it and all wishing they had one to throw. I felt bad at not letting the astounded masses line up and each have a turn.

Launching a foam plane from way up high
Launching a foam plane from way up high
Foam airplane loop-the-loop manoeuvre
Amazing, easy to do loop-the-loop manoeuvres

A bit about these soaring foam gliders/airplanes

  • They are made from Epp (expanded polypropylene. A highly dense and versatile close-celled foam. It has a large range of properties such as  – Impact resistance. Buoyancy. Strong and lightweight.
  • For ages 5+ – younger children might get frustrated as their fine motor skills are still developing.
  • Durable and super resistance to impacts!
  • There are three parts – The wings. The tail wing. The main body.
  • You can slot the wings in reverse side up/down to achieve a horizontal flight, or stunt mode.
  • You can slot the tail wing in reverse side up/down to achieve different manoeuvres.

Hand throwing foam glider airplane

A bit about the durability…

The foam planes that we played with were very sturdy. Upon impact with the ground, they just bounced like rubber balls and waited to be thrown time and  time again. One of the boys was only 4 years old, so he more picked at the foam, and that’s how the plane ended up kinda destroyed. For this reason, it’s not advisable to let small children play with these foam planes, unless you want to see them frustrated at not being able to achieve stunts like older children, and they get bored and start picking at the foam. The parts that got broken were the tail and wing area so that the aerodynamics were greatly affected. But you can easily glue the picked at pieces back on.

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