Give Me Space – Let your dog warn others

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Dog harness collar dexil warnings

‘Give Me Space’ – Let your dog warn others

Your dog can warn people with a dog harness, leash, collar or bandana that carries a specific warning

Give me space! – Caution! – Do not pet me! – or – I’m friendly! – I’m in training! – Do not feed me!

These are some phases that your dog needs to tell people as you take him or her for a walk.

Of course your dog cannot speak in words. He or she can only bark, growl, yap away, jump up, whimper, wag it’s tail, hide – or bite!

A dog’s body language and vocal communication are often misunderstood. This can lead to all kinds of situations that are not good for you as an owner, for your dog, or for the other person involved.

Do people constantly lunge forward and want to pet your dog? And your dog is not the petting type? Your dog is shy, nervous, or a bit aggressive and not comfortable with strangers?

Let strangers know your dog’s behaviour/personality trait before they lunge forward without asking if they can pet your dog – Let them know by allowing them to plainly see what is written on your dogs collar, harness or lead / leash before an awkward situation arises.

Children can’t read your dogs mood, and they are easily tempted to give your dog lots of attention. An accompanying grown-up will have time to recognise the words written on the dogs collar, harness or lead / leash. They will instinctively pull the child away, then explain that they can’t just go petting a dog without permission, they must show caution.

Give your dog a voice by just treating it to a new collar, harness or lead / leash that has it’s temperament or needs printed or stitched onto it.

Dexil dog collars with text - warnings - messages

Some words that your dog needs to tell people…

  • Please give me space
  • Please respect my space
  • Do not pet
  • Blind
  • Deaf dog
  • Nervous
  • Working
  • Do not feed
  • Friendly
  • Caution
  • No dogs
  • Adopt me
  • Training
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Security
  • Assistance Dog


Decide if you’d prefer your dog to have his/her message on a collar, harness or lead / leash. There are also protective high visibility dog coats with warnings and messages on them.


Visibility dog coats with message

COMPANIES that we have checked out…

  • Dexil – harnesses, leads / leashes and collars, visibility coats, patches
  • Ancol – bandanas 
  • Dean & Tyler – harnesses


Lead slip cover by SaintRoch


For those located in the UK, you will be able to get neon yellow slip covers for a lead / leash. These lead / leash slip covers are by the company SaintRoch. There are 3 message options for you to choose for your dog:

  1. My dog requires space
  2. Not dog friendly
  3. Keep your distance


Dog bandanas by Ancol


Warning dog collars do not pet, friendly, caution, dexil
Dog collar/leads/leashes/harnesses by Dexil
Dog harness by Dean & Tyler ‘Give Me Space’


Go and see which warning on a harness, lead, or collar is appropriate for your dog!…


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