Fun giant garden games for family and friends

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Fun, giant games to play with the family or friends!

Giant connect 4 outdoor game

Giant games are so much fun. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden, it’s no problem!

Giant games can be played anywhere outdoors with a large, flat surface – in the park, or try them at the beach! Or even indoors if you have a large enough area.

You can get out these easy to assemble giant outdoor games and start playing on any occasion. Such as parties, having guests over, or just for random fun!

A top seller is the giant game of Connect 4 where you need to line up 4 of your jumbo counters in a row to win against your opponent. This not only comes in a jumbo size, but also in a whooping XL size!

Make sure you look at the measurements before buying as sizes vary.

Also decide if you would like to buy a wooden game, or a plastic one. We love the wooden versions best as we are not big fans of mass plastic.

Giant wooden connect 4 outdoor game

 A wooden version by

‘Yard Games’

Where and when to play these over sized fun games

  • In the garden, or on the patio.

  • In the park, or another recreation area.

  • On the beach – if you have a nice flat one.

  • Birthday parties.

  • Weddings.

  • During camping.

  • Days out in nature.

  • At home, indoors if you have a large enough room.

Depending on which game you buy, they can easily be assembled and dismantled for easy storage. These are games which can fit nicely into the back of your car, and stowed away in a cupboard, spare room, or in the garage.

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There are many other giant garden/yard games available on Amazon…

Giant garden games

Lookout for these other ideas for fab games that you can play outdoors – or indoors!…

  • Giant checker/draught games

  • Giant chess

  • Giant Kerplunk! (Sticks and ball game)

  • Giant sized Jenga

  • Giant Tic-tac-toe/noughts & crosses

  • Giant bowling

  • Giant yard dice (the wooden ones are so great!)

  • Giant ring toss games

  • Giant scrabble board game

  • Giant sized playing cards

  • Giant domino pieces

  • Giant wooden Mikado sticks

  • Giant musical piano mat

  • Giant Snakes and ladders

  • Giant Ludo

  • A giant card game of UNO

Giant game of scrabble
Giant Scrabble game


Giant musical piano mat
Giant musical piano keyboard

Giant outdoor games
Giant Chess


Giant wooden dominoes
Giant wooden dominoes


Giant size playing cards
Giant playing cards


Giant Connect 4 garden game
Giant Connect 4 garden game

Fun giant garden games on Amazon…


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Giant games on Amazon DE



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