Folklore – Anansi stories by Story Cove

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Folklore Anansi book series by Story Cove

Anansi the Spider – West African folklore stories by Story Cove

Anansi is half spider, half man – the original spiderman you could say!

His stories of cunning trickery, laziness, and sometimes cleverness go way back.

His many exploits derive from parts of West Africa, such as Ghana. And they have spread throughout most of the Caribbean islands – including having much popularity in Jamaica.

The Story Cove have a series of these colourful Anansi exploits. The stories are told by Bobby and Sherry Norfolk. And nicely illustrated by Baird Hoffmire.

I myself, can proudly claim to own all of these Anansi books. I use them at some of my storytelling events! The children thoroughly enjoy them!

Anansi's home
Anansi’s home

Story Cove – A world of stories…


Anansi Story Cove books

By Bobby Norfolk and Sherry Norfolk

  • Anansi and Turtle Go To Dinner

  • Anansi and The Tug O’ War

  • Anansi and the Pot of Beans

  • Anansi Goes to Lunch

  • Anansi and the Sky Kingdom

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The Story Cove - A World of Stories

Names of other Story Cove folklore titles to look out for…

Folklore tales from Story Cove

By Rob Cleveland

  • The Archer and The Sun – An ancient tale from China

  • The Clever Monkey – Folklore from West Africa

  • Clever Monkey Rides Again – Folklore from West Africa

  • Growing Gold – An old story from India

  • How Tiger Got His Stripes – Folklore tale from Vietnam

  • The Magic Apple – Folklore from The Middle East

  • Rooster’s Night Out – A humorous re-telling of a popular Cuban tale

  • The Stolen Smell – An old tale from Peru

  • A Tale of Two Frogs – A fable from Russia

  • The Bear, The Bat, and The Dove – A collection of 3 Aesop tales re-told

  • The Well of Truth – Folklore from Egypt

  • The Cleverest Thief – A timeless folklore tale from India

  • Juan Bobo Send The Pig To Mass – A story from Puerto Rico

  • The Magic Pot – Folklore from China

  • The Ogre Bully – Folklore from Sweden

  • The Bear and The Two Travellers

  • The Drum – An old tale from India

  • Why Koala Has A Stumpy Tail – Folklore from Australia

See ‘The Archer and The Sun’ – Story Cove folklore

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The Cleverest thief story cove

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