The Feelings Book By Todd Parr

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The Feelings Book by Todd Parr

‘The Feelings Book’ by Todd Parr

There may be many books that talk about feelings, but this one stands out from the rest!

This is ‘The Feelings book’ by the artist and illustrator Todd Parr.

Todd makes being able to talk about your feelings a beautiful and natural thing to do. Children can easily relate to the childlike illustrations in a warming way.

A great way to for children to begin to talk about their feelings at an early age. The perfect book for teachers and parents who are wondering how to get their children talking about how they feel.

A sample of sentences:

• Sometimes I feel cranky

• Sometimes I feel scared

• Sometimes I feel like looking out the window all day

• Sometimes I feel like holding hands with a friend

• Sometimes I feel lonely

• Sometimes I feel like yelling really loud

• Sometimes I feel like crying

And it ends with a beautiful message from Todd Parr:

“No matter how you feel, don’t keep your feelings to yourself – Share them with someone you love”

Todd Parr is a fantastic author and illustrator. His children’s books are bright and colourful, and bursting with characters that are there to inspire children, give them self-esteem, show them diversity, provide them with great role models, and help build peaceful minds. What more could you ask for in a children’s book!

Todd Parr has many wonderful books that are not only very popular with children and parents, but with school teachers too. And that’s a very good sign! He has a nice range of children’s book titles that are often found in good schools and libraries.

You really need to own a copy of ‘The Feelings Book’

There are also ‘Feelings Flashcards’

The pack contains 20 cards that feature 40 various feelings. Each card depicts two opposite feelings, one on either side of the card. The emotions is written on the card, such as; brave – scared. calm – nervous. Silly – serious. They are of good quality and very sturdy. and a large size. Vibrant colours. A great learning tool for 2 – 5 year olds.

Todd Parr 'Feelings' Flashcards
Todd Parr ‘Feelings’ flashcards

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They make the ideal springboard gift to any child who needs support with the concept of feelings.

It’s wonderful to own a collection of Todd Parr books at home!

The Feelings Book by Todd Parr


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