Fairy doors

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The Irish Fairy Door in the garden
The Irish Fairy Door Company

Let fairies live in your house!

Children are fascinated with the thought of fairies.

Now you no longer have to imagine that you have magical fairies living in your home – you can really have them – well, kind of…

Enchanting fairy products that will bring some imaginative magic into your home!

These magical fairy doors open a child’s imagination – you can buy them and either place them in the garden or in the home. You can choose to look for accessories to go with these cute looking fairy doors, such as a little bench, a welcome mat, watering can, shoes, little milk bottles, a washing-line with little fairy clothes hanging from it, and you can even buy mini wall stickers to decorate around your fairy door. Your children will absolutely love this!

Some fairy door sets come with certificates, a magical door key and glittery fairy dust!

‘The Irish Fairy Door Company’ seem to be one of the top companies that make fairy doors.

They offer many different shapes, colours, and accessories.  The Irish Fairy Door Company even have a website where you can register your new fairy  – you’ll need to choose a name for your fairy as well as a gender. You are then sent an official fairy lease agreement which contain the house rules for the fairy and the fairy’s little owner to follow! You’ll get access to fairy stories and  activities, plus fairy facts – Did you know that fairies shed their wings twice a year?

The Irish Fairy Door Company

There are other fairy door brands such as ‘Opening Fairy Doors’

Opening Fairy Doors is an Australian company who make handcrafted fairy doors that actually open to reveal an enchanted path background picture.


White opening fairy door
‘Opening Fairy Doors’
Opening Fairy Doors that light up
‘Opening Doors’ even have light-up fairy doors!

These cute doors come with fairy dust, a fairy certificate, and a tiny gold fairy key.

‘Opening Fairy Door’s’ have a wide range of unbelievably cute accessories – mailboxes, windows, fairy furniture, shoes, teapot set, tiny wicker baskets, fairy books and gnomes, mini fairy birthday items, food, outdoor tables and chairs, etc.

Fairy door accessories. Aimed at boys
‘Opening Fairy Doors’

‘Opening Fairy Doors’ are also very mindful that fairies can certainly be for boys too! – They have a set of accessories that include a football, baseball set, tool box, etc aimed at boys – or girls of course!

‘The Magic Door Store’ sell the brand ‘My Fairy Door’ 

These certain ones do not open. But they are very stylish doors that come in 10 different colours. The doors come with a small bottle of magical fairy dust and a welcome note. You can also buy a few accessories from this brand, such as a magic stepladder, a magic bench or even a tooth fairy pouch!

‘The Magic Door Store’ also stock Elf Doors…

These Elf Doors seem to be exactly the same as the Fairy Doors, the only difference being the labelling on the boxes.

We guess the Elf Doors are more aimed at boys who might not like the idea of having a Fairy Door.

My fairy door in purple
‘The Magic Door’ Fairy
Blue elf, fairy door. My Elf Door
‘The Magic Door’ Elf

You will see many more lovely brands of fairy doors – look around for the one that you think your child will enjoy the most – choose which colour, shape, and accessories you think your child will thoroughly enjoy.

It will be a fun and memorable experience having fairies – or elves living in your home – or at the bottom of your garden!

Assortment of beautiful Fairy Doors

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Fairy door for kids

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