Electric Cars for Kids to ride on

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Electric cars for kids - jeep and a convertible

Electric Cars for kids to ride on

Forget those cute plastic pedal cars of your childhood – these bad boys have taken over!

Toy cars have evolved!

The days of Flintstone looking cars for kids seem numbered

Children's toy cars back in the day

We still think that old school cars look cute though!

In this day and age, your child no longer has to wait until they have passed their driving test to feel like they are the proud owner of decent looking four wheels.

These electric toy cars are so realistic! They come in top makes – Mini Coopers, Mercedes, Audi’s, Range Rovers, Ford Rangers, Ferrari’s, Jeeps, and even Porsches!

BUT!… if you still want to install  your nostalgic roots into your kiddies, that’s great! – checkout the iconic, sweet looking cars from the company Little Tikes. Skip this article about electric cars, and opt for leg powered vehicles in our other article: Toy vehicles by Little Tikes…

Want to upgrade to a newer looking motor, then here you go…

Here’s some useful info when choosing an electric car for your child.



Battery powered kids electric toy cars are available in all colours, for boys and for girls. Available in all varieties – some for serious posers, and some for more down to earth families. They come in the shape of classic cars, fire engines, police cars, etc. Decide whether you want an actual electric toy car for your child, or if they’d prefer an electric bike, jeep, quad, tractor or a scooter.

Of course we understand that this is a big step for some parents – to be honest, I’m not a fan of these posh looking cars – but, wow! If I were a kid again! I’d be nagging 24/7 for a cute white Mini Cooper! (Don’t think I would have got one though)

Scroll to the end if you want some extra advice when buying an expensive gift for a child.

Things to consider when buying an electric car for a child:

  • The speed and battery size* – 6V, 12v, 24v or 36v?
  • Do you want to have it with ‘parental remote control’? – There are 3 versions: Radio frequency remote. 2.4G Bluetooth remote. SmartPhone Remote app system.
  • Is it easy to drive?
  • Will it be too large or too small for your child?
  • Does the model of car suit their style?
  • Will they like the colour?
  • Can kids ride with a passenger in the front and/or in the back?
  • Is there obstacle-free terrain for your child to drive freely and safely?
  • Do you have the storage space!?
  • Make sure you watch your child at all times, do not leave them unsupervised!

*Battery size:

6v – for 3 – 5 year olds.

12v  – for cautious kids. For speeds up to 4mph.

24v – for 5 – 8 year olds. Up to 6mph if they are fitted with a 24v motor (Most are fitted with 24v batteries and 24v motors)

36v can travel up to 15mph.


Choose the power that best suits your child’s abilities, expectations and enthusiasm. If you’re still not sure, then ask a person that you know who already has first-hand experience with an electric car for kids!

See this great, realistic BMW toy electric car in action with it’s fantastic lil female driver…

Electric / battery powered and R.C toy cars & jeeps for kids on Amazon…


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Electric & R.C cars on Amazon US


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Electric & R.C cars on Amazon UK


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Extra advice…

I was the type of kid that would try to build my own go-cart, and it was wonderful to see everyday kids struggling as they pedalled down the road in basic little cars made of bulky plastic and stiff parts. But the reality is that these smooth new electric, battery powered cars are awesome! They look like the real deal. Come on admit it, you’d want one too if you could shrink down to size and be a kid for a day – BUT, beware!…

Don’t create a spoilt child

Spoilt girl. Too many toys

It’s okay to let your child receive a big and beautiful toy electric, battery powered car, but please do not just get one for your child to be a poser! – Get it because you genuinely want them to have fun, and not to try and impress friends. Do not drown your child in big exclusive gifts – let this electric car be a very special one-off surprise that you know they will appreciate. Limit the amount of presents your child receives – because  no-one wants them to grow up as a demanding, spoiled child that constantly expects extravagant gifts and will never feel fulfilled.

Do not buy love through toys
Do not buy love through toys


TIP for buying an extravagant gift for a child:

I met a lady who every year for her little girl’s birthday, asks parents of the children who are coming to the birthday party to donate a fixed amount of money, say 10 – 20 euros each. With the accumulated money, the mum buys her daughter just ONE present that she knows she will love. She makes a point of letting her child acknowledge that it’s a very special gift from everyone who is at her birthday party, sharing her special day. Why not do the same!? If you know that your child is dying to have a toy electric car, let everyone throw in some cash that will not break the bank. And on your child’s birthday – voila!


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