Disney Pixar: ‘Coco’ guitar for kids

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 Miguel's Guitar Coco Pixar

‘Coco’ guitar for kids

‘Coco’ by Disney/Pixar is one of our personal favourite animated movies for kids

We we’re so happy to discover these beautiful ‘Coco’ guitars

Disney Pixar – Interactive toy ‘Coco’ guitar

This is an interactive guitar that lights-up. It has been made by Mattel to look just like the one that Miguel uses in the wonderful Disney Pixar film ‘Coco’.

This is a fun toy for any child over the age of +3. It plays the chords easily as you hold down the buttons on the neck and strum away. See the teeth on the skull at the head of the neck? – Well, they chomp when the first chord is played!

Interactive 'Coco' guitar
Interactive ‘Coco’ guitar by Mattel


Note that this is a child’s toy guitar. It does not have actual strings like a regular guitar. These strings are made from hard plastic. When you strum, the chords will sound.

What else is there to know about this lovely looking interactive ‘Coco’ guitar?

  • There’s an on off switch that will make the guitar light-up nicely.
  • The details on the guitar have been designed to make it look authentic, just like the one in the ‘Coco’ movie.
  • Comes with a piece of paper that has the sheet music to traditional Mexican songs as well as ‘Remember Me’ from the ‘Coco’ movie.
  • The ‘Coco’ guitar includes 3 x AA batteries.
  • It is made from plastic.
  • The dimensions are 64 x 8 x 35.5 cm.
  • It does not come with a strap.
  • The guitar only plays one song – ‘Remember Me’.

This interactive Disney ‘Coco’ guitar has been a huge hit with kids! They don’t care that it doesn’t come with a strap, and that it only plays one actual song – they will still love it and play until their heart is content. It is very good quality too!

Disney ‘Coco’ interactive toy guitar demo

Want your child to play on a real guitar?

Then the Cordoba guitar is the one to choose…

This Cordoba acoustic guitar has been created in partnership with Disney Pixar. Inspired from the film ‘Coco’.

It has a spruce top and is the perfect guitar for beginners. Classical size 7/8.

Disney/Pixar ‘Coco’ Cordoba guitar

If you loved the movie and music from Disney Pixar ‘Coco’, then you’ll love the wide range of products that are available!

You’ll find Disney Pixar Coco:

Books, instruments, figurines, games, cards, soft toys, plushes, playsets, tattoo kits, rucksacks, bags, mugs, party accessories, t-shirts, pyjamas, blankets,  cushions, and a whole lot more…

Start looking for ‘Coco’ memorabilia that your child will keep and cherish. Beautiful memories from the movie will come flooding back and stay forever.


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