Dinosaur back-packs

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Assorted dinosaur backpacks, rucksacks for kids

Turn your kid into the coolest dinosaur in town

Nearly all children are fascinated with big, mighty dinosaurs.

We have a cool selection of dinosaur back-packs / ruck-sacks for them to put on their little backs and roar away.

Whether, cute and plush or fierce and tough there is something for all children – some are available in an assortment of colours such as green, yellow, pink, blue or orange. Have a browse at the selection that we have hand-picked below the videos and find the right one to turn your child into a mighty dino every time they get ready for nursery or school!

Assorted dinosaur backpacks, rucksacks for kids

Your kids will love these stylish back-packs / ruck-sacks – They come in different colours, suitable for boys and girls – yes, of course girls love being dinosaurs too you know! 

Boy wearing a dinosaur backpack - rucksack

Here’s a video of a thorough look at the dinosaur back-pack by ‘Nohoo’…


‘LittleLife’ do a very lovely looking, quality back pack for small children that also has reins on them! They have a wide range of models…

Dinosaur back-packs / ruck-sacks


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