Cool Cat Playhouses

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Cat scratching dj deck and cardboard vehicles for cats

Because cats need cool cribs!

PAW-some, awesome cat houses, dens, D.J decks!

You can’t just throw a cushion down for your cat to sleep on. And you can’t just give them a plain, boring old cardboard box to scamp about in – no – you’ve got to get your cat some of these cool cat playhouses, dens, and a D.J deck!

It’s best to buy biodegradable items. That is why we have mainly selected items that are made from cardboard or wood. Remember to always check the sizes and read any comments about the products on Amazon. For example, the Cat Scratching DJ Deck is really great, and has overall high reviews, but many state say it may take a while to assemble – and it sometimes gives the owner more joy than the cat.

Either way, there is enjoyment in these novelty cardboard cat elements.

Our personal favourite ones are these cat playhouses, cat dens and cat scratchers…

  • Number one – Has to be the Cat Scratching DJ Deck by ‘SUCK UK’ – It just looks insane! Depending on your location, the manufacturer may also stock the full range of cat army tanks, fire engine, pink Cadillac, and even an old spitfire airplane!


  • Moggiez and Doggiez – they have a lovely range of cardboard cat caves that include a yellow cab, a black cab, and a kitty a cab that is covered in the Union Jack design. Also expect to find their cat playhouses that are designed as caravans!


  • Wooden cat houses and penthouses – these look fabulous! Your cat will look like it has it’s very own cosy, piece of property. You can get ones for the home or for the garden.


Wooden cat penthouse


  • Famous Oto – These gorgeous cat play houses are also high on our list of best playhouses for cats – but the only thing that stops them de-throning the Cat Scratching DJ Deck is that these amazing cat houses are only available in The USA.  If you are in a different location, then unfortunately they may not be eligible for shipping to your location. We’ll have to tease you with a photo below… However, if you still are determined to get one, you can head over to the Famous Oto website and contact the Swedish creator Måns Swanberg directly! Persuade him to send you one! For every truck sold, Måns kindly donates $1 towards a new tree being planted by the charity ONE TREE PLANTED

The cat houses from ‘Famous Oto’ come in two sizes – small ones for your cats – and larger ones for your kids!

Contact Famous Oto through his webform


Brooklyn townhouse for cats by Famous Oto
Brooklyn Town House by Famous Oto
Brooklyn townhouse and ice-cream van for cats by Famous Oto
In 2 sizes – for kitties & Kids!



See this video of a World Champion cat DJ moving the crowds!

Go and treat your fur-baby to a cool cat crib…

Click on the links below according to your location


USA heart shaped flag

: D.J cat scratching deck from ‘Suck UK’ on Amazon US


: Novelty cardboard Cat Tank on Amazon US


UK heart shaped flag

: D.J cat scratching deck from ‘Suck UK’ on Amazon UK


: Novelty cardboard Cat Tank on Amazon UK


Spanish heart shaped flag

: D.J cat scratching deck from ‘Suck UK’ on Amazon ES


: Novelty cardboard Cat Tank  on Amazon ES



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