Cat Heaven

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Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

Cat Heaven

A  comforting book by Cynthia Rylant

(If you have a dog – please see ‘Dog Heaven’, also by Cynthia Rylant)

You don’t have to be religious to find soothing comfort in this wonderful book called Cat Heaven 

A must have book for kids or adults, who are suffering the loss of a much loved kitty cat.

‘Cat Heaven’ mentions God, but do not worry if you are not religious – it is not ‘preachy’ in anyway. This book will be a great comfort to you, and especially if you have children that are affected by the loss of a dear pet.

Cat Heaven

‘Cat Heaven’ is for those of you who would love to imagine the wonderful time your kitty is having after it’s ninth life has sadly been used up. The reassuring illustrations and nice rhyming verses in this loving book will show you that your fur-baby is having the time of his/her afterlife.

Your feline friend will receive a kiss, and a bowl of milk as it arrives at heaven’s big yellow door. No more getting stuck in trees – the cats can just fly down. There’ll be no shortage of cat toys, because in Cat Heaven, there are thousands and thousands of them, including catnip in the sky! Your kitty can sit on the laps of the angels and get it’s ears and nose rubbed endlessly. The cats can look down from Cat Heaven and still watch the house where they once lived, and see the people that loved them inside.

Cat Heaven - inside the book

See the video ‘Cat Heaven’

By Cynthia Rylant

We’ve included 2 more wonderful books to help with those grieving the loss of a beloved cat…


‘Goodbye Mog’

You may already know all the ‘Mog’ the cat books by the author Judith Kerr?

‘Goodbye Mog’ is a farewell to ‘Mog’! Mog finally grows old and just wants to rest forever. Yes, we have to accept the fact that beautiful Mog dies.

The Thomas family miss her dearly. A new kitten is brought into the Thomas’s home. It is very frightened and jumpy. Mog decides to give a lending ‘paw’ from beyond. The kitten gets settled, so now it’s time for Mog to fly up towards the sun, forever.

See the video ‘Goodbye Mog’

By Judith Kerr

Get ‘Goodbye Mog’ by Judith Kerr…

Goodbye Mog by Judith Kerr



‘The Cat Who Went To Heaven’

‘The Cat Who Went To Heaven’ is a timeless fable by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Although it was written in 1930, it still comforts adults and older children who have suffered the lost of a beloved cat.

Cat Who Went Heaven


The story is set in ancient Japan and follows the tale of a white cat. A struggling artist doesn’t take delight in having an extra mouth to feed when his housekeeper brings this little white cat into his home. Compassion is shown, and the artist ends up including the cat in a commissioned painting of the Buddha. The plot starts to unfold as it seems that the cat, now named ‘Good Fortune’, has been denied the Buddha’s blessing!

A gentle story where tissues may be required!

‘The Cat Who Went To Heaven’ includes a short telling of the Buddhas life as well as his past lives as animals.

This version has been re-illustrated in black and white by the artist Raoul Vitale.

See a short puppet show of ‘The Cat Who Went To Heaven’

By Elizabeth Coatsworth

If you have suffered the loss of your pet, maybe consider getting:

: A cat’s grief journal.

: A pet colouring therapy book.

: Commemorate your pet with a beautiful memorial statue. 

: A photo and candle memorial plaque.

Pet - Cat Dog memorial stone

Get ‘Cat Heaven’ –  on Amazon – also other choices for owners who have lost a beloved pet…

Pet cat dog memorial candle holder


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Dog Heaven / Cat Heaven book covers
See ‘Dog Heaven’ by Cynthia Rylant


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