Get an awesome chillout zone for your cat

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A cat sofa

Cats need a cosy place to sleep – We have handpicked the best places for cats to sleep!

We have selected a handful of the best cat beds, cat couches, cat loungers, a lovely bamboo radiator hide-away, a cat teepee, and even a cat bed to hang on a sunny window!

It’s best if you shop for items for your cat that are made from tough, biodegradable materials, such as wicker, canvas, bamboo, wood or compressed cardboard. Get an awesome chillout zone for your cat.

There are plenty of wonderful and comfortable cat beds – some are designed for cats and dogs. The pet couches look so cute – place it in your pets favourite spot and we’re sure your pet will be thankful and feel at ease in their new comfortable place.

We like the cat hammocks too, not to mention the cat hammocks and beds that you can stick to your window.

How about a lovely bamboo cat bed that you hang on your radiator! Or try the cat teepee that is kitted with a cushion, it looks amazing, and so comfy.

The cardboard cat scratchers come in many different varieties – you can get them in cat igloo form, bowl form, or some lovely curved designs, and cat sofa styles. Cardboard cat scratchers are better for the environment too.

Cat wicker beds are great. They are very sturdy and elegant. Most have a hide-away section underneath and a cushioned cat bed on top.

Choose your cat bed carefully. Make sure it’s comfortable, sturdy and matches the look of your home and style. It’s very important that you also check the dimensions, especially if you have a large cat.

You can see 2 cats happily playing with their new PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge in this short Youtube video…

Chillout zones for your pampered fur-baby


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