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Patricia Polacco is a writer and illustrator whose books are very special!

Patricia has written many heart-warming books.

Most of Patricia’s storybooks are connected to her life. They are sometimes autobiographical, and sometimes they are multicultural and filled with a special depth that is rare.


Patricia’s books work great for everyone, and even more so when they are in the hands of school teachers who have a group of children sat in front of them. These books are superb tools for reading to school children ages 6+. There is so much depth and warmth in these very special stories. For sure they also work wonders in the hands of individual children who are at home and able to read by themselves. Children that love a good book will get themselves beautifully lost in the deep pages of all Patricia Polacco stories, right up until the last page. If you know children that want to form a book club, then these are also the stories that can be highly recommended to them!

From the Patricia Polacco book ‘Pink and Say’

Books that show how a teacher can greatly affect a child’s life forever:

Excellent themes for teaching


  • Mr. Lincoln’s Way

  • Thank You Mr. Falker

  • Junkyard Wonders

  • An ‘A’ from Miss Keller

  • Mr. Wayne’s Masterpiece


Above we have listed the Patrica Polacco books that highlight the impact a good teacher can have on a child – they are heartwarming tributes to teachers that give encouragement and inspiration. These storybooks show that there are teachers that really do care, and will patiently persevere and go the extra mile or two in order to help a child discover their true potential.

You will find many other books from Patricia Polacco – they are all brilliant! And the illustrations are incredible, such raw talent.

Patricia Polacco books are a treasured discovery. If you didn’t know about her stories already, you will be so excited that you do now!

Memorable stories that bring the togetherness of a shared humanity.

View the entire story of ‘Mr. Lincoln’s Way’ in the video below!


Other books to look-out for by Patricia Polacco:


  • Tucky Jo and little Heart

  • Holes In the Sky

  • My Rotten Read Headed Older Brother

  • The Keeping Quilt

  • The Blessing Cup

  • The Bee Tree

  • In Mother’s House

  • Babushka Baba Yaga

  • My ‘Ol Man

These are just a few titles, there are many others by this superb writer. You will enjoy everyone of them!



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