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The top Rod Campbell books that your child will love!

Rod Campbell’s lift-the-flap, and pop-up books need to be a part of every child’s childhood.

Children learn their colours and animals very quickly with these lovely Rod Campbell books. They never tire of the suspense in guessing which animal is behind the flaps.

Teachers love ‘Dear Zoo’ too. Many fun activities can be created around Rod Campbell’s books –  Who is behind this red flap? What noise does it make? How does this animal move?

Rod Campbell books are a huge hit among young kids.

I have yet to meet a child who is not ecstatic about a Rod Campbell book, especially ‘Dear Zoo! Sherry, storyteller for What Children Really

Rod Campbell books are mostly about farm animals and pets, and some dinosaurs ones. There is also the Buster series, about a little boy. And a little dog called Henry.

They come as board books – Touchy-feely. Lift-the-flaps. Pop-Up. The books come in a wide variety: Baby books. Clip-on buggy books. Mini-libraries. Large size for schools. Paperbacks and board books.

Popular and timeless Rod Campbell books to look out for:

  • Dear Zoo
  • Dear Santa
  • Oh, Dear (Zoo and friends)
  • Noisy Farm
  • Farm Babies
  • My Presents
  • ABC Zoo
  • Farm 123
  • Dinosaurs
  • This Baby!
  • It’s Mine
  • Farm Chase
  • Little Bird
  • Henry’s Busy Day
  • Naughty Henry
  • Buster’s Day
  • Look, touch and feel with Buster
  • I’m Hungry
  • Fire Truck
  • My Day
  • Can You?
  • How Many?
  • What’s That?
  • I’m Not Scary
  • My Cuddly Friends
  • The Pop-Up Jungle
  • Flying Things
  • Garden Animals
  • Our Jungle
  • First Rhymes
  • Toddler Time!
  • The First Christmas

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Watch our storytelling videos of ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘Dear Santa’ read by our storyteller Sherry!…

These videos have a fun quizzes at the end of them. They are good for using in classrooms. Teachers enjoy showing videos like these to their young pupils in schools, especially if it’s for children who are learning English as a foreign language.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell:


Dear Santa by Rod Campbell:


Get Dear Zoo, Dear Santa, and other popular books by Rod Campbell…


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