Barefoot Books sing-a-long collections

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Barefoot Books – a wonderful collection of sing-a-long books full of diversity

Barefoot books have a wide series of colourful books. Many of them tell very appealing tales that children can sing-a-long too. Barefoot books use illustrations that represent an abundance of diversity and abilities, cultures and good energy.

A bit about Barefoot Books…

Barefoot Books collection

Barefoot Books are an independent children’s publisher that was founded in England. They have successfully been going since 1992.

My favourite books are the sing-a-long ones. Beautiful animations have also been designed to go with each sing-a-long story book and you can see them all on youtube*! Such as one of my favourites ‘A Hole In The Bottom Of the Sea’ – that follows the food chain of a shark, an eel, a squid, a crab, a snail and some seaweed in the deep sea –  Set to a delightful upbeat tune of trumpets and percussions, that will defiantly get you grooving – and watch out, the fun lyrics are fast paced – see if you can keep up!

What does Barefoot Books offer?

Barefoot Books reaches out to children between the ages of 1 – 11 years old. They go on to publish another range of books for ages 12+.

You will find activities and resources aimed not only for children at home, but also for schools.

There is an assortment of subjects and formats…

  • Puzzles & Games (memory, dominos)
  • Activity books.
  • Healthy kids and recipe books.
  • Mindful cards.
  • Yoga activity cards.
  • Build-a-story cards.
  • Sticker books.
  • World Cultures.
  • Board books – 1,2,3’s & ABC’s
  • Books for Bedtime.
  • Folk & Fairy Tales.
  • Poetry.
  • Monsters & Magicians.
  • Animals.
  • Paperback books.

What I like most about Barefoot Books, is that the books are really thought out. They promote acceptance amongst cultures. Everyone is represented on the colourful pages. There is so much diversity, abilities, and happiness beaming off of each and every page, whether in the animal kingdom or the world of little children, all happily co-existing on our planet.

You really won’t be disappointed with these beautiful books full of delightful songs and rhymes.

Animal Boogie Barefoot Books


Barefoot Books Diversity


A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea


We empower you to share stories, connect families and inspire children… Thank you for being a part of our movement to open children’s hearts and mindsNancy Traversy. CEO & Co-founder of Barefoot Books

Here is a list of 22 sing-a-long Barefoot Book titles that we know your children will love…

  1. Journey Home From Grandpa’s.
  2. Up, Up, Up.
  3. We All Go Traveling By.
  4. Animal Boogie.
  5. The More We Get Together.
  6. A Hole In the Bottom Of The Sea.
  7. Over In The Meadow.
  8. Dragon On The Doorstep.
  9. Dinosaur Rap.
  10. Whole World (In Our Hands).
  11. A Farmer’s Life For Me.
  12. Space Song Rocket Ride.
  13. Port Side Pirates.
  14. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush.
  15. Wheels On The Bus – a re-visited version that takes us on a bus ride through a village in Guatemala on the way to the market.
  16. Creepy Crawley Calypso.
  17. Magic Train Ride.
  18. Knick Knack Paddy Whack.
  19. Outdoor Opposites.
  20. Dump Truck Disco.
  21. Driving My Tractor.
  22. Five Little Mermaids.

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*Before you buy via our website, why not see all of Barefoot Books sing-a-longs on YouTube first!


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