Get an awesome chillout zone for your dog

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Big, comfortable dog bed
Comfortable ORTHOPEDIC dog beds

Pets are part of the family – Dogs need a cosy place to sleep

We have hand-picked some comfy dog sofa beds for your four-legged friend.

Depending on your location, we have even thrown in some very exclusive dog sofas that are handmade in Germany!

What to look for in a good dog bed or sofa…

  • Make sure that you check the sizes.
  • Choose strong materials, especially if you have very active dogs.
  • Will your dog be comfortable sleeping and resting on this dog sofa or dog bed?
  • Consider if the dog bed is easy to clean.
  • How big is the bed or dog sofa compared to your dog? Dogs toss and turn and need to stretch
  • Does the style of the dog bed or sofa match the style of your living space?


If you really want to pamper your pooch, then look for dog armchairs and couches by Richmania


Dog sofa by Richmania - Prince and Princess range
Dog sofas by ‘RICHMANIA’ – PRINCE & PRINCESS range


‘Edy Design’ do some amazing leather dog armchairs and couches to spoil your hairy best friend


Leather dog beds and couches by Edy Design. York Club Diamant
Leather dog couches by EDY DESIGN

 You can also get some very comfortable memory foam and orthopedic dog beds

Memory foam dog bed
MEMORY FOAM dog beds

Make your dog comfy – dog sofas and dog beds …


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