Anti-bullying books

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3 books from the ‘Bullying in Schools’ campaign

Books by Erin Frankel and Paula Heaply from ‘The Weird!’ series

  • ‘Weird’ – A story about dealing with bullying in school – Luisa gets repeatedly teased
  • ‘Tough – A story about how to stop bullying in schools – Sam is trying to fit in by being mean and lacking cooperation.
  • ‘Dare’ – A story about standing up to bullying in school – Jayla reluctantly joins in on bullying


  • There is also book that is not in the series. It’s by the same author as the ‘Weird’ series. This anti-bullying book is called ‘Nobody’ – Thomas suffers from persistent bullying at school. With support from grown-ups and other children he starts to gain more confidence, and the bully learns about being kind to others.

Books that you might want to buy on the subject of over-coming bullying…


  • ‘Spaghetti in a Hotdog Bun’ by Maria Dismondy. Lucy knows what she stands for, she has the courage to make a good choice when confronted with bullying.
  • ‘Enemy Pie’ by Derek Munson. Jeremy Ross has an enemy. His dad helps him to make ‘enemy pie’ which can turn your enemy into your best friend.
  • ‘Bullies Never Win’ by Margery Cuyler. Jessica is cruel teased, she needs to find the courage to stand up for herself.
  • ‘The Bully Blocker Club’ by Teresa Bateman. Lotty Racoon’s enthusiasm for school starts to fade when Grant Grizzly starts to bully her.
  • ‘Jungle Bullies’ by Steven Kroll. The jungle animals start to bully each other. Monkey asks his mum for advice in order to solve the occurring problem.
  • Depending on your location: ‘Billy Bully’ by Alvaro Galan. In this funny counting book Billy Bully learns how to be a good friend instead of a big bully / or ‘Tease Monster’ by Julia Cook. Teaches children the difference between ‘Nice teasing’ and ‘Mean teasing’.
  • ‘Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon’ by Patty Lovell – Molly has learned a lot from her Grandma, so she knows how to put a teasing bully in his place – in a very satisfying way.


Stop bullying. Stand up. Speak out

Anti-bulling books that can help to support your child deal with forms of bullies and bullying



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