Activity books by Nick Sharratt

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Here are some activity books from the bestselling children’s illustrator and author Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt has a vast amount of beautiful books published. His strong illustrations capture the eye of a child instantly.

Depending on your location, you should be able to get hold of some activity books complete with stickers on Amazon from Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart. You’ll find lovely colouring books and a ‘how to draw’ one too. These books are themed from Nick Sharratt’s typical style of bold colours and easy to recognise characters.

Look out for…

  • You Choose – Colouring book with stickers
  • Just Imagine – Colouring book with stickers
  • How To Draw – The World of Jacqueline Wilson
  • Jacqueline Wilson – colouring book
  • My First Animal Fun Sticker Book
  • My First 1,2,3 Sticker Book

Always be on the look-out for books by Nick Sharratt – they are so much fun as you’ll soon see!

(If your child would like to try and practice drawing in the style of Nick Sharratt, then scroll to the end and get some drawing tips for the illustrator himself!)

Children will have a really fun time going through these exciting and colourful books that trigger tons of imagination.


Nick Sharratt  and Pipa Goodhart have joined forces to bring you a few books from the ‘YOU CHOOSE series. These are the ones to look out for

  • You Choose – as mentioned above – that also comes as a colouring book
  • You Choose in Space
  • You Choose Your Dreams
  • Just Imagine – as mentioned above – that also comes as a colouring book


Get some fun activity books by Nick Sharratt and Pipa Goodhart


USA heart shaped flagThe ‘You Choose’ series on Amazon US



UK heart shaped flagThe ‘You Choose’ series on Amazon UK



Spanish heart shaped flagThe ‘You Choose’ series on Amazon ES

Do your children like drawing? Click on the picture below to get drawing tips from the illustrator himself


How to draw like Nick Sharratt
The Guardian – ‘How to draw like Nick Sharratt’


Jump to all Nick Sharratt’s book on BOOK DEPOSITORY here!


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