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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie – easy craft idea

If you give a mouse a cookie easy craft

There are many crafts and activities that can be created from the cute story of ‘If You Give A Mouse a Cookie’.

I read this delightful, timeless story in one of my ‘story-time events. I decided on this fun and easy ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’ craft to do with the children after the story.

It can be done at home with your child, or done by school teachers with groups of children.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie – Easy craft idea.

(If you do this craft with many children as an activity for pre-schoolers, then you may need to prep it by cutting out the parts such as the ears, in advance)

What you will need…


  • Scissors.
  • Craft glue.
  • Double sided sticky-tape / or just keep using the craft glue.
  • A thick black marker.
  • Coloured crayons, or paints – pink, black, brown.


  • Brown card – or a paper plate. (If it’s not already a brown plate, then the plate can be painted or coloured with crayons).
  • Sturdy card e.g a frozen pizza box: because if you are just going to use brown card it won’t be thick enough and will need to be glued onto the pizza box card for extra strength.

What you need to do, in easy steps

  • Take your paper plate, or cut out the circle that will be the mouse’s face. You could use a side plate as a template.
  • Cut the ear shapes from sheets of brown card. Put doubled sided sticky tape on the ears so that they stick to the back of the plate. Or use craft glue.
  • Draw on the eyes, nose and whiskers. The children can colour in the nose and colour part of the ears pink.
  • Cut-out a slit in the mouse’s mouth so he can be fed the cookies.
  • I cut out brown, card circles to the according cookie sizes to fit in his mouth, and coloured them to make them look more like chocolate chip cookies.

The children will enjoy hearing the story and then being able to feed the mouse his own cookies.

Optional: Get creative and craft your own straw and glass of milk for the mouse!

If you give a mouse a cookie story craft idea

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