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‘I Don’t Like Gloria’ – Storytelling with Sherry


I Don’t Like Gloria’!

This is a fun book that has mixed reviews.

In the original version by Kaye Umansky, the dog was named Calvin, now he is called Colin.

‘I Don’t Like Gloria’ can be seen as an entertaining story about sibling rivalry, but some may see it as being enemies and ganging up on others – We choose to see it as a great opportunity to start talking about how it isnt nice to not like someone because they are different! This story can be used in a positive way to talk about a few topics and get a better understanding!

We would love to hear what you think of ‘I Don’t like Gloria!’

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‘I Don’t Like Gloria!’ Read by Sherry

Written by Kaye Umansky, Illustrations by Margaret Chamberlain

Music credit: ‘Without U’ produced by Adamack, for shadowville Productions


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