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Her Body Can – A book about self-acceptance

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“It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will”

Sam Cooke (1963)

Finally! ‘Her Body Can’ – A children’s book that has been long overdue.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been wondering where are the books that beautifully depict stories of diversity and abilities? I know they have slowly been seeping through, and are out there, but you don’t hear much about them. Many remain hidden and do not get a chance to shine.

Well, you’re hearing a lot about this one, thank goodness.

Her Body Can

A children’s book whose aim is to promote a body positive attitude. Full of poetic declarations of body positivity and self-love for all young girls – No matter their size. (And yes, ‘His Body Can’ will also be coming out soon! It will focus on the insecurities and gender roles that boys may struggle with)

Her Body Can, by Ady Meschke & Katie Crenshaw.

By Ady Meschke and Katie Crenshaw. Illustrated by Li Liu

“Your bodies most important job is to carry you…”

Ady Meschke & Katie Crenshaw

Her Body Can is written in an easy digestible flowing rhyme. It takes the reader on a beautifully illustrated journey across 33 pages of pure acceptance and diversity.

Most stories that broadcast a message have the tendency to unwillingly highlight negativity. They tell us of painful happenings, tears are shed and fear is show. Her Body Can is not such a case. It just shows positivity bathed in warm characters depicted in different shapes, colours, abilities and even religions – all getting along together.

Your body is capable of many things. As long as you respect it and feed it the correct nutrition and give it movement, it does not matter which shape it forms around your bones. Your body is there to carry you and work for you, not to be a pretty, stick-thin object solely there to please others. Many girls suffer from unnecessary shame about their bodies. This occurs in many girls over 8 years old. they become body conscious. Others begin body shaming them. Because a child is surrounded by images of pretty princesses, gorgeous photo-shopped models, and girls trying to be a size zero, it’s only normal that they feel the need to fit in to this unfit way of thinking.

That is why I’m soooooo happy to see ‘Her body Can’ doing well and openly being praised by teachers and parents, carers and grandparents alike. This book is receiving fantastic reviews and is selling fast. It is being read to young girls and they are learning to accept themselves in this delightful way. Such is the power of a book when published correctly. It’s more than ok to be plum shaped, pear shaped, have large hips and beautiful sturdy looking legs.

Many large sized girls can do so much more than what they are given credit for. Yes, large sized girls can do yoga. They are flexible and can dance just as good, or even better than smaller sized girls. They can do all kinds of sports. Large sized girls should not have to live in the shadows. They should not have to hide and eat. They should not develop self-hatred.

I cannot wait until more books like this hit the bookshelves, (and land in kindle erm…hands)

Follow up books by the authors Ady and Katie are in the making! – A series is to follow in hot pursuit that will concentrate on certain characters that are already shown in ‘Her Body Can’. It is promised to be very inclusive – I can’t wait!

Want to read a little bit more about ‘Her Body Can’?

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