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Flags of the World – Quiz!

Quite a few flags of the world look very similar to one another – Try this quiz!

Some flags of the world, look very similar – how many can you name in this quiz!?

The answers are below the image.

Flags that show a striking resemblance…

Get together with members of your family or friends and see how many flags you can name in each of the 29 groups…

Flags of the World that look similar Quiz

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You see, we told you that many world flags look very similar!

Can you discover some more similar looking flags of the world that are not listed here?


These are the answers to the flags of the world that look very similar!

Group 1: Afghanistan, Malawi

Group 2: Andorra, Moldova

Group 3: Bahrain, Qatar

Group 4: Benin, Guinea Bissau

Group 5: Argentina, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua

Group 6: Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen

Group 7: Jordan, Kuwait, Sudan, United Arab Emirates

Group 8: Indonesia, Monaco, Poland, Singapore

Group 9: Chad, Romania

Group 10: Micronesia, Somalia

Group 11: Tunisia, Turkey

Group 12: Cote d’Ivoire, Ireland

Group 13: Australia, New Zealand

Group 14: Costa Rica, Thailand

Group 15: India, Niger

Group 16: Cameroon, Senegal

Group 17: Austria, Latvia

Group 18: Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia

Group 19: Haiti, Liechtenstein, Philippines

Group 20: Bolivia, Ghana

Group 21: Liberia, Malaysia, United States of America

Group 22: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela

Group 23: Fiji, Tuvalu

Group 24: Hungary, Tajikistan

Group 25: Luxembourg, Netherlands, Paraguay

Group 26: Guinea, Mali

Group 27: Samoa, Taiwan

Group 28: Italy, Mexico

Group 29: Lithuania, Myanmar

Don’t worry if you didn’t know some of the flags – keep learning and you will soon know them all!

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can go on to learn ALL the Flags of the world – there are nearly 200 of them!

 Flags of the World tactic game:

Tactic flags of the world game

A fun, educational game by ‘Tactic’ that teaches you the flags of the world real fast. For ages 8+. A family game for 2 – 9 players. It includes 200 cards with the flags of all the independent nations in 2013.

On the back of each card you will find the country, it’s capital and geographic location, as well as clues as to it’s identity, such as  capitals, lakes, mountains and rivers.

It comes with a poster of all the flags and a map on the reverse side that includes 195 of the countries in written form.

Playing time is approx. 15 mins, and there are 4 ways to play this great game, depending on your age and skill level. Give it a try!

Check-out these great educational ‘Flags of the World’ games. And lookout for flag flashcards, puzzles, sticker books, memory games – and nice world flag backpacks!…

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