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Paper Easter egg decorations – an easy craft idea

Easy paper Easter egg craft

Not everyone has the time and patience to create an enjoyable activity for children. But we discovered this easy paper Easter egg craft and decided to give it a try!

It took me about 10mins to make each paper Easter egg decoration. It might take a child bit longer – or even faster depending on their experience with cutting shapes.

It’s great that you don’t need much material for this simple craft. And the result is very beautiful and so decorative.

Paper Easter Egg Craft
Decorative hanging easter eggs

What you will need…


  • Scissors. You can use straight edged scissors or/and patterned scissors.
  • A pencil.
  • A good quality glue stick.


  • A piece of card to cut out the egg template.
  • Coloured/patterned paper or thin card. (Or colour your own designs on paper).
  • String/yarn/ribbon.

What you need to do, in easy steps

  • Make a template by cutting out your egg shape from a piece of sturdy card.
  • Draw the egg shape onto 10 pieces of coloured card or decorated/patterned paper of your choice.
  • Cut out the shapes. You can use straight edge scissors, or use decorated edge scissors if you have them!
  • Fold all ten cut out shapes in half.
  • Take your glue stick. Take one cut-out egg shape and cover half of the surface with glue.
  • Stick the egg shape onto half of another paper egg shape, and so on – keep repeating this until you have stuck 9 shapes together!
  • Then you will need to cut a loop of string/yarn/ribbon – about 7cm long. Glue this piece into the top part of your paper egg.
  • Now you can glue on the 10th piece of egg shaped card.
  • Make sure all the pieces of card are stuck in place well.
  • Wait for the glue to dry completely. Then you will be ready to hang your beautiful hanging Easter egg decoration in any place that you like! WELL DONE.
Decorative hanging Easter Egg easy craft
Decorative hanging Easter Egg easy craft
Your finished Easter Egg Decoration

Find at lovely place to hang your homemade decorative Easter egg

Incase you had difficulty following the steps – here is a video that will help you!

We hope you enjoyed this craft idea!

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