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The Colour Monster


The Colour Monster – A fabulous ‘must-have’ book by Anna Llenas.

This is a must have book for your child’s book collection!

The Colour Monster Anna Llenas
The Colour Monster

Appealing colours and a lovable main character.

The pictures are illustrated in such a creative way using cardboard and paper as Anna Llenas takes re-cycling to a new level! – a truly beautiful layout that captures the attention of any child – and adult! And the actual story is truly heart-warming.

Does your child need help with understanding feelings and emotions?

‘The Colour Monster’ is here to teach children about feelings, as each beautiful colour leads to an emotion. It will also help children build understanding and empathy towards others, as in the story the emotions are attached to deep descriptions of how the little furry Monster feels inside and how he is able to cope:

Here’s a snippet of what each colour means in this story:







The Colour Monster can lead on to an engaging discussion with children – 

The Colour Monster Anna Llenas

You can ask them if they think other colours could have been used e.g…

  • Black – could black represent bravery and not fear?
  • Blue could be calmness.
  • Pink could represent happiness,
  • Red could be love? Or is that too typical!?
  • What about the colours orange, purple, grey, brown, white – which feelings and emotions do they provoke?

After you’ve read this story to your child, get them to get out their crayons and have fun drawing this enjoyable character!

Go on a delightful journey with this sweet little Monster – you’ll be glad that you did!


The Colour Monster Printable

See our video to get a feel of ‘The Colour Monster’ before you decide to take him home!… 

The Colour Monster Anna Llenas


The Colour Monster read by our storyteller ‘Sherry’…

Anna Llenas has also created ‘The Colour Monster pop-up book’, and ‘The Colour Monster Activity book’ – be sure to check them out too!

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The Colour Monster plush toys Anna Llenas

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  1. I can’t find the printable version of the worksheet. Can you please send it to me.

    leslie kauffman

    1. Hi Leslie – You should be able to see the printable sheet when you scroll down the page – let me know if you see it?

  2. Glad to hear that you liked it! It really is a lovely book, I have a copy of it in my own collection x

  3. This book sounds great! I will be buying a copy as soon as my child is olD enough.

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