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Who we are…

We are What Children Really Want©…

…we are a small group of everyday individuals. We understand that children need a happy childhood, that in turn creates a healthy mind – and creates the positive change that the world needs

So, What do Children Really Want to have around them!? – Just give them positive guidance, and the right choice of educational toys and beneficial books – and the rest will fall into place…

Inspiration, Support, Empowerment = Love = A Happy Childhood!

Looking for supportive ideas for children’s items? There are so many products, toys and children’s books out there, it gets confusing which ones to buy.

We decided to help make your choices that bit easier…

“We always stay up-to-date on the latest educational toy and book trends!”

What Children Really Want©

Our site can be seen as a resource to help those looking for lovely items – items that are empowering and inspirational, and feed a healthy mind.
Kids NEED a childhood full of inspiration and healthy role models.

It’s our mission to not only write the relevant, interesting articles, but also to find the best buys that help create a healthy environment and a happy home! Items that stimulate, and also bring fun and laughter.

Browsing through our website and Blog, you’ll find great activities, crafts, and yummy recipes too. And we haven’t forgotten your house pets that are a big part of a happy family!

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or carer, etc who is dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous kids that need support and guidance, this site is specially for you.

It is our belief that all children should have the opportunity to read books. They should play with toys, listen to music, and watch movies that offer positive messages, and also honour diverse capabilities.

Therefore, we would like to show you high-quality children’s products.

Our written Blog entries aim to support a new generation of children. We need them to grow and pursue whatever dreams they choose!

Lets all play our part, however small – help our children to learn and understand diversity. Give self-confidence. Let them understand about accepting differences. Make sure they are comfortable being who they are. Our children need to choose great role models throughout their lives – All this will come from the support of having a happy childhood.

So, looking into the mind of a child, we see that their home needs to supply the right books, games, toys, and even furniture and appliances – and don’t forget some house pets!

All these choices aim to inspire a healthy and happy childhood.

We’re sure you’re going to love our selection of articles.

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